How UPS Was Scammed By A Package Handler

There are people who have been wrongly accused of theft while some are really guilty of a crime. In both instances, hiring a theft lawyer is very important for legal representation. The lawyer will ensure that the rights are of the defendant is always protected and that the law is upheld at all times.

Dushaun Henderson-Spruce worked as package handler for UPS in 2012. He filed a change of address form that claimed that UPS has moved its headquarters from the business park in Atlanta to Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Thousands of pieces of mail addressed to UPS executives and other employees arrived into the tiny garden apartment in Chicago.

Nobody was able to catch on to the scheme that lasted for months until Henderson-Spruce deposited $59,000 worth of UPS checks to his bank account in early 2018. According to prosecutors, the crime committed by Henderson-Spruce is a serious offense which could have turned for the worse if he was able to obtain sensitive information on the thousands of employees.

Henderson-Spruce said that prison is not the place where he should be. Federal defender, Amanda Penabad said that her client is young and has no criminal history. He was prompt is accepting responsibility for his wrongdoing and plead guilty to a single count of mail fraud.

Penabad also talked about her client’s troubled childhood. The mother was suffering from mental illness and he had no contact with the father. His grandmother and other relatives took care of him until he reached 17. Penabad also told the court that Henderson-Spruce’s wrongdoing was not sophisticated fraud. Doing things like writing a check for $3 trillion is a cry for help.

Postal inspectors were able to retrieve 3,000 pieces of first-class and registered mail from Henderson-Spruce’s apartment. Authorities were able to seize $7,000 of the stolen money from his bank account.

If you are undecided on whether or not to hire a theft lawyer, think about the future consequences if you are incarcerated. Representing yourself is not a good idea because it is very likely that you are not informed of the way the court system works; it is totally different from what you see on TV.


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