How To Create A Unique And Special Packaging

Scarves are good gifts but the problem is how to add an elegant twist with the way it is packaged. Pollard Boxes has recently introduced a unique special gift pack for a wide range of scarves. The gift packs are intended to reflect on the quality of the scarf and to provide a good experience to the recipient.

The scarves include an intricate close up photograph of tree barks, one of the outstanding works of photographer Howard Guest. The photographs were inspired by his exhibition that featured a series of photographs taken from the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh and Clare, Magdalene and Trinity Colleges in Cambridge.

The scarves were manufactured using 100% satin silk near Macclesfield, one of Britain’s traditional silk-weaving towns. However, packaging plays an important role to create a unique and special opening experience for the recipient. Presentation is extremely important when it comes to gifts and it makes the recipient fall in love with the gift even before seeing it.

The packaging box created by Pollard has to meet a number of factors in terms of style and aesthetics. Aside from being functional, the gift box also creates a sense of excitement. Inside the box is a booklet that tells the story behind the trees that were featured in the scarves.

The gift box is designed to be small and deep measuring six inches by four inches. This is approximately the size of a classic photograph, a reflection of Howard’s passion towards photography. The small dimensions of the box suggest that the scarf must be rolled instead of being laid flat. The only branding consists of a simple silver and purple signature stamp and “Made in Britain.” The box lid is designed to fit snugly while the sides are chevroned to easily slide off. The interior of the box including the hinged lid is black so that the colors of the scarf will be dramatically emphasized.

A black gift box can be a unique and elegant option for packaging a special gift to a love one. It is an exceptional choice for your gift wrapping requirements to bring a different experience to the recipient.


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