How To Choose Activities For Team Building

There are numerous activities for team building that you can utilize for the event. You can either research on the internet for such games and activities or you can also hire an expert facilitator to carry out your team building event. Even if you opt to handle the event on your own or with a team building company, make sure to consider the following ideas.

Suitable for everybody

Team building activities may involve physical activities or may require moving around. There are games that may require participants to compete for spots and this may not be suitable for certain individuals such as pregnant women or people with certain physical disabilities. Those who have medical conditions such as with hypertension, heart conditions and other ailments that restrict people from getting too excited should be given other tasks or functions such as score keepers. To be sure, have your team sign a medical waiver and have a ready medical team while the activities for team building are ongoing.

Consider your goals

The type of activities that you should include in your event must be in accordance with your company or team goals and at the same time, the goal of the activity itself. For instance if your team productivity is suffering, your team building activities should be designed to boost your morale and inspire you to revisit your team goals. Before the actual team building, ask for team expectations so you can come up with activities that are suited to what the team wants.

Consider the venue

The venue is an important factor to an effective and successful team building activity. Choose a conducive venue where your team can freely move around and participate in activities safely. When you choose activities for team building, check the place first for you might include games that would require mobility, only to find out that the venue is limited. Take a research to find various activities that you can have with limited space or the kind of venue you have such as along the beach front, in a convention hall, etc.


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