How Review Video Builds Rapport With Potential Clients

When you read a positive review about a company, your initial reaction is the company is likely successful; otherwise, it won’t be getting so much praise. People love to hear about success stories and there is the desire to be included. This is the reason why consumers support brands that get genuine and honest reviews.

It is relatively easy for a company to convince a customer to leave a review but to do so on camera is a sign of a loyal customer. Loyal customers are usually repeat customers that can influence others to make a purchase due to their trust on the brand.

According to researches, 92% of people trust the recommendation of their peers, which is not surprising. However, the same study revealed that 70% trust recommendations from strangers. This means that companies do not need the endorsement of a well-known celebrity because a genuinely happy customer is enough to tip the scale.

The good thing is you do not just throw a satisfied customer on camera without any planning. There are seasoned professionals who can create authentic videos from the customer’s personal experience with the product or service. When the viewer trusts the video, the trust carries over to the brand, as well.

If you have watched a King Kong agency review, it is very likely that you have noticed that the client is happy enough to be the brand ambassador. Videos are great in building rapport with potential clients particularly if the client speaks highly of the brand and the excellent service.


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