How Doctors Removed The Small Magnets On A Boy’s Nose

There are many different applications that use magnets in Brisbane from electric motors to mechanical e-cigarette firing switches and toys. Recently, an 11-year old boy used two small button magnets on his nose because it is considered fashionable. However, despite their small size, small magnets have strong magnetic pull.

The boy who comes from Nicosia, Cyprus placed a small magnetic disk that is shaped like a watch battery up his nostrils while he was in school in fall. Unfortunately, the magnets that he used were Neodymium magnets which are the most powerful and strongest magnets that are commercially available. According to Dr. KadirKazikdas, professor of Otorhinolaryngology of Nicosia Near East University, the small magnets immediately attracted to each other on the boy’s nasal septum.

Doctors at the hospital have to think up of creative ways to remove the magnetic disks. Approximately 6 hours after the boy inserted the magnets on his nose, he suffered from severe nose pain and experienced serious nose bleeding and crusting. During the initial examination, the boy was uncooperative and there was too much crusting on the nose. The boy has to be transferred to the ENT Department where he was given a facial X-ray.

The doctors found out that the magnets were locked on the boy’s nose. Dislodging the magnets through conventional surgical methods was not possible. However, the magnets have to be removed immediately because the boy was at risk of septal perforation and the development of necrosis or dying tissue.

Eventually, the doctors tried an ingenious way to remove the magnets by using household magnets to counteract the pull of the magnetic disks. The magnets on the left side were removed easily but it took seconds to remove the other magnet. The boy suffered from damages to his nasal cartilage but after 6 months there was no permanent damage.

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