How Crofts Can Maintain Your Boiler Systems

If your boiler system is regularly maintained, then you can ensure it’s working safely and running effectively. An engineer does a boiler service and performs safety and efficiency checks on the central heating system. So, here is what you need to know when choosing Crofts boiler repair services to do the maintenance of your boiler:

What Occurs During a Boiler Service?

Before an engineer does the boiler service, you need to ensure if he’s qualified to carry out the job. If you have the gas boiler repaired, the engineer must be regulated by the Gas Safe register. If you have an oil boiler, ensure you’re dealing with an OFTEC engineer. You can ask for their identification before they do the repairs. Here are what the engineers can do before carrying out their tasks:

  • Visual Inspection: If opting for a Crofts engineer, he can check if the boiler meets the requirements and standards as well as check for leaks and corrosion. He will check the existing flame in the boiler.
  • Removing the Boiler Casing: The engineer will check the boiler’s components, like the spark probe, main injector, burner, and heat exchanger, to ensure it’s working properly. Then he cleans the inside of the boiler.
  • Checking the Flue: The engineer will secure any obstructions in the flue terminal and if the flue is securely fitted.
  • Checking the Gas Pressure: It will ensure the boiler system has the right pressure.
  • Boiler Fired Up: The engineer will check if there are any faults in the boiler.

When to Service the Boiler?

A boiler must be serviced annually to ensure the heating systems are running efficiently and safely, and to keep the warranty valid. The best time to have it properly maintained is during summer in preparation for the winter months. If the boiler is not working properly, ensure you have a registered and qualified engineer visiting your home and doing the annual service. This is what Crofts can do when you need a boiler servicing.

How Much Does the Service Cost?

Usually the cost of a boiler service will depend on the type of boiler you have and where you live. For standard services, it will cost you around £50 to £80. If you live in London, then expect to have a higher charge than those from the rural areas.


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