How A Utilitarian Bathroom Can Be Transformed Into An Elegant Space

In Edmonton, homeowners are remodeling their bathrooms to serve a functional and useful purpose with that “wow” factor. Others transform their utilitarian bathrooms into elegant and luxurious spaces that allow them to rest and relax in a pleasing environment.

Shelley, a homeowner from Glenora, and her family moved into a house 4 years ago and found out that that the master bathroom was not only uncomfortable and outdated. The shower was rather small and framed by glass blocks. It was not particularly inviting and its steam feature was awkward to use. Shelly enlisted the services of Eve Rose Interior to remodel the en-suite.

Shelley wanted a bathroom that does not look like standard bathrooms. She wanted a facelift without tearing apart the walls. Eve Rose Interior retained that small overall footprint of the en-suite including the kidney-shaped bathtub and the marble surrounds but the rest of it was modernized. For the first time in Edmonton, Shelley’s bathroom was installed with a combination of two handcrafted 12-inch by 36-inch Italian tiles from the FAP Evoque line.

One set of the tiles had an airbrushed look to present a mixture of gun metal, putty grey and khaki gold to resemble bathrooms in high-end hotels. Meanwhile, the other set of tiles had a rippled texture with three different kinds of glazes to reflect light and to provide the shimmery effect in various tones of cream, ivory and champagne.

Eve Rose Interior added a floating vanity with customized drawers and built-in medicine cabinet. On top of the vanity is a two-inch quartz countertop with a waterfall edge that extends to the walk-in shower to achieve continuity between the two sections. The master bathroom looked larger with a sleek and contemporary look. What used to be an old utilitarian bathroom was transformed into a space with an inviting look.

If you are looking for bathroom furniture and furnishings, you can visit bathrooms and more today. Your bathroom will look stunning with stone-topped vanities that have been carefully designed to become useful and practical. You can opt for the travertine countertop with a matching basin to match the new design of the remodeled bathroom.


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