How A Bangkok Function Room Accommodates Small Meetings In Asia

Some years ago, Bollywood hot couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwariya Rai checked into the DusitThani Bangkok for the awarding of an Indian International Film Academy in one สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ. The hotel then hired top-calibre Indian chefs for the celebrities to suit their gastronomy. Just after midnight, when the secretary declared the stars were ready to eat, they served scrumptious cuisines that can ever be tasted. However, the couple only opted for McDonald’s hamburgers; hence, it was duly arranged.

Whether opting for a typical or unusual meal, the business had to move on with hotel event organisers and meeting planners coming from Bangkok to Bali. Plenty of options were laid on the top of the conference table, as it was a time for hotel managers and event organisers to use their wits and make necessary changes to the meeting plans. Even for a small meeting of 20 to 50 people, hotels needed to accommodate guests in their สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ with the right service.

If one had to choose resort favourites and business hubs in Bangkok, you’ll realise that competition is too stiff. One has to compare the benefits of having corporate meetings in huge cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Macau. The guests may also consider company conferences in Phuket or Bali. And meeting planners need to arrange the events in the best Asian conference hotels for the right price.

Meanwhile, with the rising exhibition and hotel inventory, China is not far behind Hong Kong when it comes to organising conferences in such area. Booming India can also provide a good destination to make the money work in conferences. Air links are improving, and you’ll find hundreds of luxury and boutique hotels springing up in Vietnam. The deal is really competitive; hence, event organisers need to be charmed with such locations.

If you choose a สถานที่จัดเลี้ยงกรุงเทพ ,you’ll need to find a hotel that is designed with packages and rates depending on the season, requirements and group size. The standard meeting package here include lunch, two tea or coffee breaks, stationery and typical AV equipment. Also remember that the rates exclude service charges and taxes. Meeting package rates are per person per day.


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