Hotels That Enhance The Brain Power And Productivity Of Their Guests

Businessmen are so used to travelling that they know how to choose the best hotels, how to check-in for a flight and how to find their seat in the plane. They can be impatient because they have to be as productive as possible. They hate to stand in line or wait for their turn.

For some guests, it is enough to simply have a cozy bed and warm shower but hotels know that they have to provide more amenities to make a lasting impression. Hotel experiences can make travellers a lot smarter, more productive and more energized. Constant travel between time zones to attend meetings can be stressful and tiring even for the professional that is why in Corinthia Hotel in London, there is an in-house neuroscientist for high profile hotel guests to ensure that their brains work in peak condition.

Corinthia Hotel offers hotel guests the Brain Power Package that consists of customized spa treatments, personalized food, mocktails and amenities that are designed specifically to boost brainpower. For example, the hotel chef prepares dishes with nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables rich in magnesium to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

In Vienna, Austria, Hotel Schani Wien has harnessed on the importance of timesaving touches so that guests can be as productive and efficient as possible. The hotel offers it guests online room selection, mobile room keys, payment through Bitcoin, charging stations for electric vehicles and electric scooters for rent. The hotel’s living room is designed to make collaboration and conversations easier.

In the hotel living room where the Viennese touch is very apparent, space and facilities are provided to the hotel guests so that they can interact with locals and work together on projects. In addition to the social space, there are also dedicated working corners where guests can work online or contact other professionals.

At Bangkok hotel near embassy, the utmost in convenience is provided to hotel guests because of its favourable location. It location in Sukhumvit allows efficient access to different attractions including transport to different sections of the city of Bangkok. The BTS Skytrain is within walking distance with connections to the MRT Subway System.



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