Honda’s Tokyo Motor Show Exhibit Reveals Electric Dirt Bike Prototype

Honda was present at the 2019 Tokyo Motorcycle Show. In its exhibit for this year, the Japanese manufacturer showed off their designs for electric Honda bikes, with their latest project being an electric motocross bike concept.  The bike’s still a prototype, and is one of the first electric Honda bikes made by the manufacturer, which shows that the Japanese company has been working on electric vehicles for a while now.

The new bike, the CR Electric MX, utilizes a CRF-based twin-spar frame, which indicates that the collaboration between Honda and its partner, Mugen, has successfully managed to create compact batteries, and electric motors that can be put into the CRF motocross bike frame. Mugen, Honda’s partner at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy’s electric TT Zero event, has been working on electric drive trains for a while now.

The manufacturer has refused to reveal details on the bike’s specifications, but it apparently utilizes the base of a Honda CRF250R, with the same chassis, suspension, swingarm, wheels and brakes. Neither the capacity and dimensions of the bike’s battery, nor its electric motor was disclosed, but Honda has made it very clear that its working on breaking into the electric two-wheeler market, and many are already expecting production model electric Honda bikes to be released soon. The main power unit in the prototype heavily resembles the one that the MugenShinden electric super bike, present in this year’s Isle of Man TT, albeit scaled down.

The lithium-ion battery is manufactured by another Japanese company dealing with consumer electronics, Maxwell. The concept’s  motor and inverter both use liquid-cooling, in order to maintain higher performance during the motocross races that the bike is intended for. Currently, there’s no details on a production timeline, but the concept is a sign that Honda is looking to go into the business of selling electric two-wheelers.

The weekend following the concept’s reveal, it was shown off in Kumamoto, at the first round of the MFJ All Japan Motocross Championship at HSR Kyushu. The bike ran some laps, and was filmed by crews as it was displayed on the track before the racing started.


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