Hanging Fixtures On Suspended Ceiling Systems

When you have finished creating a particular place in your house like the work room, office, bathroom or basement, you should now be thinking about installing suspended ceilings. The suspended ceiling will consist of aluminum rails which are suspended coming from the permanent ceiling. Ceiling panels are placed on the different rails. Compared to other types of ceiling solutions, the suspended ceilings are much advantageous and are less expensive.

Hanging fixtures from a suspended ceiling has several risks attached to them. You cannot hang just anything directly from the suspended ceilings without first altering it a bit.

Where to place the various fixtures

If you want to hang fixtures from the suspended ceiling, you first have to identify where they should be hung. If you place decorations like balloons for special events, then you definitely have to tie a string on the metal frame. The fixtures which weigh considerably more compared to the suspended ceiling frame will need some extra effort. Remove all of the suspended panels first. Then make a stud finder to look for the studs near the permanent ceiling. Mark the spots with the use of masking tape.

Installing the fixture

You would typically install the fixture flush along with the existing ceiling. However, this is not possible if you use a suspended ceiling. The fixture will weigh so much in order to be supported alone by the suspended ceiling. It is for this reason that you will make use of a metal wire or a chain which is strategically connected to the fixture. Make use of the screwdriver in installing the screws in the ceiling studs if you are making use of metal wire or screw in a hood in the stud for the chain. Use a tape measure in determining the distance coming from the permanent ceiling towards the suspended ceiling. Cut the chain and the wire to the desired length and add extra few inches.

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