Hacks In Saving Money During A Move

For people who are moving, there are many questions they might have such as where to buy boxes for moving, where to get packing supplies and where to hire trucks as well as movers. It is natural for people who are moving to look for ways to save money since the decision is not only challenging physically and mentally but financially as well. According to date, the average cost of moving from one state to another is $1,170 while moving farther away such as another country might cost around $5,630.

If you are looking for cheap moving boxes, the first place you should go to is somewhere booze is sold. According to Dumbo Moving and Storage’s founder and CEO, Lior Rachmany, boxes used in packing liquors are much thicker which is recommended for heavy items such as electronics and books. You can also search online for cheap moving boxes or find a site where people are offering them for free. Make sure to visit Craigslist while you’re at it. The founder of The Art of Happy Moving, Ali Wenzke, said that he has moved 11 times within 10 years and he found that free packing stuff are available if you check Craigslist For Sale section and click on the Free category.

In order to score free packing supplies, check with websites that are raising awareness in reducing wastes by connecting people who are looking for free supplies to those who have extra or unused ones. This is ideal for people who are trying to be more conscious about their contribution to the environment while saving at the same time. A real estate blogger, Brian Davis, tipped that bubble wrap should not be used rather they should utilize soft items such blankets, sweaters and towels – all of which are going to come with you as you move anyway.

The last thing you need is to find cheap moving trucks and movers after finding out where to buy boxes for moving in order to complete your checklist. Find deals online and check out companies that are offering promotions and discounts. Make sure to never compromise the quality of their service just to save money.


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