Growth Opportunities Opening Up For Print And Packaging Industries

Dubai — April 12, 2015 — Many companies like Paper Mart are investing a lot in the printing and packaging industry and it would seem that all those investments are paying off because the industry is seeing many opportunities.

The latest industry forecast had reported that the industry of printing and regional packaging is set to benefit from a compound annual growth rate of five per cent which will value at $52 billion and will be lasting until 2019.

Because of this, the business to business exhibition which will be held in the Dubai World Trade Center for this year is expected to be very plentiful. About 300 local and international companies are set to participate in the exhibition and that the key stakeholders will be witnessing exciting launches from the event.
The event manager at Gulf Print and Pack, Mike Simmonds, says that in the coming years, the industry will become more robust while the Middle East and its economies continue to experience growth opportunities and developments wherein international suppliers can benefit from.

He also said that because of the immense networking potential of the exhibition, many companies have opted to launch their products in the said event.
According to many suppliers, the future of the print and packaging industry is very bright.

The demand for packaging is expected to be driven by the economic activity that is growing higher, the real incomes that are greatly rising and the growing population in the Middle East as well as its development in retail infrastructure.

And with Dubai’s hosting of this year’s exhibition, the growth prospect for the UAE may even become better because of the opportunities that come with the exhibition.

Maxim Covali, Somtas’ marketing and sales manager, says that the new law that restricts the use of plastic in the Mena region has greatly helped many paper bag producers because they will be receiving many new customers who have chosen to move from using plastic to paper in their packaging.

He also said that the law will also benefit many suppliers of paper products.
The exhibition is set to happen on April 13 to 16 at the Dubai World Trade Center.


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