Four Popular Types Of Felts

Felt is a unique material that can be used in crafts, fashion and in creating home décor objects. Felt is available in a number of colours and is easy to cut, sew and embellish. Felt is available in different materials and styles, with each type of felt having its own set of properties. Hence, choosing the correct type of felt is very important to ensure the quality of the final product.

Some of the commonly used felt are craft felt, eco-friendly felt, blended wool felt, GEM polyester felt, 100% wool felt and 100% wool roving felt.

Craft felt

This felt is man-made using synthetic materials like acrylic, rayon, polyester etc. Craft felts are available in an array of colours andcan be easily bought from craft stores or online stores. Craft felt is available in pre-cut sheets of different measurements or can also be bought by yard. As the name suggests, this type of felt is mainly used for children’s craft projects and holiday craft works.

Eco-friendly felt

The eco-friendly felts are gaining popularity in the market. This felt is manufactured using a polyester fibre named eco-fi, which is made using the recycled plastic bottles. The eco-friendly felt has the same feel as that of the polyester felt but is slightly stiff. Another type of eco-friendly felt is the bamboo felt. This felt is manufactured using the bamboo fibre. Eco-friendly felt can be used for school crafts and home décor crafts.

Blended wool felt

This type of felt is manufactured using a blend of real wool and rayon. Blended wool felt is commonly available intwo varieties, the 35% wool 65% rayon blend and 20% wool 80% rayon blend. The blended wool felt lends a soft and luxurious feel to the craft. The blended wool felts can be used for creating pillows, table runners and patterned sewing crafts.

Polyester felt

The GEM polyester felt is a superior quality felt in the market. It offers great versatility and superior quality. This felt is free from formaldehyde and is non-toxic and hence it is safe to use in all kinds of craft projects. This type of felt is smooth, strong and has a uniform structure throughout the sheet. This felt can be used for a number of projects like moulding, embroidery, cutting, printing etc.


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