Ford Introduces Advanced Suspension Technology On Its European Focus

The suspension system is one of the popular products of Auto Parts Canada because it improves performance and safety. Contrary to what many people assume, the suspension system does not reduce the shock of a bump in the road. It keeps the car wheels down on the road so that power and control is not lost when the car goes over a bump.

Potholes are problems that will not be going away any time soon that is why Ford is introducing an advanced suspension technology that will reduce the impact of damaged roads. The redesigned European Focus which will be on sale in Europe has an innovative pothole detection technology. The suspension system can detect when the wheel is going to fall into a pothole so that it can adjust suspension to limit how far the tire drops.

Since the tire and wheel do not really fall as far, they will not strike the opposite sides of the pothole as harshly as exit. Usually, the rear suspension responds faster than the front due to a signal from the front wheel that provides a pre-warning to the rear wheel before it reaches the pothole.

According to Guy Mathot, Focus vehicle dynamics supervisor, Ford engineers are actually looking for the roughest roads so that the limits of the innovative suspension system can be tested; however, it seems that the rough roads are finding them. The suspension systems of Ford are used at specially created roads in their test facility in Belgium.

Ford engineers were able to create an exact replica of worst potholes and hazards all over the world. After the test, the engineers refine the system with hundreds of hours of additional testing on different European roads. Loads and strains are monitored using equipment similar to what seismologists use when monitoring earthquakes.

Potholes on roads can make a journey very uncomfortable not to mention the damages caused to the vehicle’s suspension system, tires and wheels. If the suspension system is seriously damaged, there are aftermarket replacements available through Auto Parts Canada that will give you better control and more power. Improved suspension systems are critical for those who are seeking improvements in vehicle performance.


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