Flexible Work Stations In United States Provided By LiquidSpace

We are in an era where finding a decent space to be used as an office headquarters that comes with adaptable conditions is not easy. LiquidSpace is a recent start-up company that provided a solution to this dilemma. Furthermore, it is taking a few more steps by creating a specific solution called altSpace where companies will be given the capacity to out an office space fast and with option for flexibility. The aim of the program is to meet the needs of a specific company.

AltSpace specializes in reinventing the designs of office spaces and how these are set-up then eventually occupied. When acquiring the service, the tenants could hire a space as long as they have a team of between 10 and 200 staff members. They choose the location based on a list provided by altSpace. After which, they have to choose among the three adaptable designs made exclusively by altSpace. They have to book the package after making the final decisions. AltSpace will then be the one handling everything from purchasing the office furniture to delivering and assembling them on the location. This means that a company will be able to relocate in just a few days without doing all the hard work.

The terms of the company is based on a no lease, no hassle condition wherein companies will only need to pay month after month depending on how long they are planning to stay. The program has already been launched by the company in selected U.S. cities including New York City, Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, and Dallas.

According to the founder and CEO of LiquidSpace, Mark Gilbreath, the company recognizes that there are start-up companies like them that do not have the time and resources to invest in an expensive office fitouts or they don’t have the capital to pay for long term leases. This does not mean that they do not desire a work environment with cool and trendy design while having the option to move any time they are able to afford to.

Office fitouts are becoming a trend and this is why many office fitouts in Canberra are available for new and growing companies.


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