Fitness Experts Share The Pros And Cons Of Running On Treadmill

Treadmills have become one of the most helpful workout devices today. Imagine being able to work out in the comfort of your own home without having to spend too much time running outside? There many types and brands of treadmills and one of them is the top rated Sole F65 treadmill. But regardless of its brand or type, people can get to enjoy the same benefits. But what most people don’t know is that treadmills may also have downside to them.

Just recently, a group of fitness experts have shared the pros and cons of running on treadmills.

According to these fitness experts, the first pro to running on treadmills is the fact that the difficulty level is practically the same. Most people would think that running outside is much more difficult than running on treadmills. But based on research, if the treadmill will be set on a 1% incline, then it can produce the same energy cost as running outside.

Running on treadmills also has a lesser impact than when running on cement or pavements. This is particularly helpful for those who have recently suffered an injury and are currently in rehabilitation.

Unfortunately, when you opt to use treadmills, it can make you lose your agility. This is primarily because of running constantly on the same direction as opposed to running outside where you’ll have to avoid certain objects and obstructions.
Running on a treadmill also means you would be using not so many muscles. When you run outside, you would technically rely on your hamstrings in order to lift your legs behind you but on treadmills, they basically reduce the role of your hamstrings as they do the majority of the work. That is why it is recommended that you also do cross training when you use treadmills.

Now, the last downside to running on treadmills is that it can sometimes get boring. You would basically be running constantly on the same direction without anything to entertain you or catch your attention. Of course you can delve in deeper into your thoughts or play some music to entertain you.


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