Finding Peace In The City Of Bangkok

One might think that Bangkok is for those who are looking for the busy city life but this place also offers peace to those who know where to look. If you are hesitating to book that 3 star hotel in Bangkok thinking you might not find a single, calm moment in the middle of this busy city, go on ahead and take the plunge. Here are some of the places in the capital city of Thailand where you might surprisingly find the calm you are looking for.

  • Passport Bookshop. This quite store will welcome you with its white door made of wood. This is like a different world placed in the middle of the chaos. You will be able to get a postcard and write your heart out while swimming in the peace and quiet. If you think the city is too hot, too messy or too loud already, you can catch your breath here.
  • Thonglor Art Village. This is spelled locally as Thong Lo. The district itself is known to be the trendiest and busiest when it comes to nightlife. In fact, the main street called SukhumvitSoi 55 is where you will find all sorts of bars and restaurants.If you want to take a short break from the busy scene, you can go inside the Art Village and check out items in very low prices. You will be able to appreciate how each vendor has a special space of his or her own.
  • Divana Spa. If you have been to Bangkok before and you have never heard of this spa then you are missing out. The company has a number of branches located all over the city. Majority of them are located in side streets not obvious to people and the set up gives off a homey Thailand vibes.
  • Jim Thompson House. After settling ata3 star hotel in Bangkok, take time to see the Jim Thompson House. It belongs to an American vet who travelled to Thailand after the World War II. He found love in the city of Bangkok and decided to stay there for good. The compound he has built is now a museum where various Asian art collectionscan be seen.


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