Edmonton Construction Continues Amidst Cold Climate

With recent conditions in Edmonton dropping into the freezing end once end, local businesses, like Capital Plumbing & Heating, have been finding ways to adapt and work around, if not with the cold Edmonton winter. The Edmonton construction industry, which is known being ill-fit with the cold climate, has been innovating ways to work amidst freezing temperatures.

The cold winter temperatures have forced Edmontonians to adapt their work methods, with the city in the midst of Downtown Edmonton’s historic construction boom. As a result, the city and the industry are finding better ways to work in spite of the tough climate.

The conditions of Edmonton’s harsh winter climes have led to the delay of several large projects in recent history. Temperatures fell to such low levels that projects such as the replacement of the bridge over Great Road, and the Walterdale replacement have to be delayed.

However, this winter sees a change, with the local city government working with the industry’s experts like contractors, planners and the like, in order to plan for the difficult conditions of outdoor work, and in coming up with the proper “cold construction” strategies and methodologies. These changes will both keep workers safe, and ensure minimal delays and on-time projects.

Jesse Banford, Director of Facility Infrastructure for Edmonton, has affirmed this, stating that, despite the cold snap affecting Edmonton, several undergoing projects proceed in the city with little-to-no delays. Banford states that, in Edmonton, construction will continue regardless of season, and that people will see cranes operating all year round.

Jack Ashton, one of the program managers of the Downtown Edmonton arena project, detailed how construction sites deal with the cold weather. He points out that sites now have tarps to allow for masonry work to continue. He adds that even though winter isn’t really suited for masonry work, it does mean that moisture isn’t an issue, seeing as snow can simply be brushed off ongoing work.

Ashton points out how the construction industry is working and innovating to fight the cold, like prefabricated components which can be installed indoors, avoiding the cold, etc., etc.

Local Edmonton business like Capital Plumbing & Heating, continue to work through the sudden cold weather.


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