Eco Friendly Devices That Make A Smart Home Greener

How can people protect the earth amidst rising temperatures and decreasing regulations? If you are the owner of a smart home, it is very easy to conserve energy. As you prepare for the day, EvaDrop that utilizes a sensor system determines how close you are to the showerhead and adjusts the stream of water accordingly.

EvaDrop is only one of the few environmentally friendly products that make the high end home smarter and greener. One of the important energy saving services for a smart home is Nest Learning Thermostat that will manage the temperature of the home. Nest will learn the schedule of your custom temperature – when you want it cooler or warmer – and adjusts the temperature even without your input. If you are going on a long holiday to another part of the globe, Nest can be programmed to send itself into hibernation.

When users pair Nest with Learning Thermostat, another smart phone product, home temperature can be managed according to the local climate. Nest can also operate as a smart home hub. When you tell Nest that you are leaving, it will shut off the lights including the TV and the furnace.

The actual Nest thermostat comes with a lovely user interface that can be controlled by a smart device of your choice. Nest app will provide metrics of how much energy is being saved. Another smart product is EvaDrop that tackles environmental and energy issues that affect those who need a shower to start the day.

As you prepare for the day, EvaDrop will heat water according to your desired temperature, switch of the flow and signal the shower that you are ready. EvaDrop will also adjust the water stream to allow you a satisfying shower. Like Nest, Eva comes with an app that allows you to determine how much water is being saved.

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