Different Modes Of Transportation Used In Logistics Management

Transportation is an important element in logistics. As logistics management involves, management of the goods from the point of their origin to the point of consumption, transportation plays a major role in logistics. Using the appropriate transportation is essential part of logistics management.

There are different means of transport used by transportation logistics specialist for moving goods from the point of their origin to the point of their consumption. Let us examine some of the popular modes of transport and their importance.


Airfreight is the most preferred means of transportation for moving goods over long distances. Reputed transportation logistics specialists use airfreight for transporting highly perishable items, fragile items and high-value items over long distances. Airfreight is the fastest mode of transport and ensures timely delivery of products. Bigger logistics companies have their own fleet of aircrafts while the smaller players use air cargo. The fees of airfreight are higher when compared to others, but it is the most reliable and fastest means of transporting products.

Land transportation

Land transportation involves transporting goods via road and rail. Land transportation costs much less when compared to airfreight. It is most suitable form of transport for moving goods within short to medium distances. There is a chance of delays in land transportation due to road conditions, weather conditions and traffic issues. Most of the transportation logistics specialists have their own fleet of trucks and vehicles with latest features for land transportation. These vehicles are fitted with most advanced tracking systems that enable easy tracking of the vehicle and also the consignment. Drivers of these vehicles should be licensed and we well versed with the safety regulations of the different areas they operate, to enhance the safety of the cargo.

Sea freight

Sea freight is the most suitable mode of transportation for large cargo. It is the most preferred mode for transporting goods over long distances. Sea freight costs lesser than airfreight but might take long time to reach the destination.

These are the three forms of transport used by transportation logistics specialists to transport goods. They use any one or a combination of these different modes of transport for faster and reliable delivery of products.


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