Conservative Same-Sex Marriage Protestors On A Spray Paint Riot In Sydney

Australia is finally at the stage where its general populace will need to vote either in favour or against same-sex marriage. But as with every major change we see in humanity there will be resistance. In Sydney there still exist vestiges of conservatives who believe in the opposition of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriages. And the way they express their feelings? Vandalism. This has been captured excellently by a Sydney woman, Steph Sands. She took to Facebook to report nine pictures on Monday morning, following these acts of vandalism. The common recurrence in all her photos was the word “NO”, which has been used to oppose same-sex marriages. It is in cases like these, that we urge you to utilise the help of exterior painters in Sydney to remove these blasphemous remarks from the walls of your home.

The variety of locations on which these vandals have spray-painted the word “NO” may come as a shocker to most people. It can be found on walls of homes, murals, letterboxes, and even on the backs of some cars. Sydney residents need not all be shocked however, as this was an isolated incident that took place primarily in Sydney’s suburb or Stanmore. After the initial collection of pictures by Steph, more people from Stanmore took to social media to reprimand the vandals. Users posted pictures of vandals having spray painted their cars, their fences and on post boxes. However gruesome these works of vandalism may be, the walls and fences can still be saved by appointing exterior painters in Sydney to clean up the damage and repaint the necessary walls and fences.

However, this is not the only incident of criticism against same-sex marriage. Earlier in the week, a woman from Australia’s city of Brisbane noted swastikas being spray-painted on her rainbow flag decorations. For the uninitiated, rainbow flags are a sign of advocacy for same-sex marriages. Painting swastikas on rainbow flags therefore indicates an opposition to this change. With every great change in the lifestyle of humans, there will be resistance. Just as how Copernicus faced resistance when he stated that the Earth was not flat, Australia faces opposition to same-sex marriages. However, with the number of rallies for “YES” votes in the area, it will mostly be a positive change for the future.


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