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Bangkok Welcomes New Observation Deck

There are many buildings in Thailand including family hotels in Bangkok which cements the city’s reputation as a budding metropolitan. There are tall buildings everywhere in the capital that developers are aiming to beat the tallest ones in order to create a new milestone. For MahaNakhon, the completion of the observation deck by the developer Buro Ole Scheerenmeans they have bagged the title of the second tallest building in the entire kingdom.

MahaNakhom, a local name pertaining to great metropolis, is composed of 77 storeys. It takes a pixilated form and the design has cuboid cutaways which continue upward in order to complete its facades.

According to Ole Scheeren who is Buro Ole Scheeren’s principal, the main idea for the construction of the skyscraper is to embody the city life in Bangkok and showcase it in the form of a tower which exudes a dramatic effect with a movement that spirals.

The building of MahaNakhon, with a final height of 314 meters, took home the title of the tallest building in Thailand when it was first launched in 2015. A residential tower with height higher than one meter was then constructed which snatched the title away from the skyscraper.

At the top of the building is an observation deck with glass floors. This gives the viewers a chance to see the entire city of Bangkok in 360 views.

Scheeren said that the observation deck at the very top of the building was intended to be used by the public so that human activity is not only at the ground floor but at the entire length of the skyscraper from bottom up to the top.

At the beginning of the project, it was intended to be an integral part of the city as well as the public and the creation of the observation deck was a testament to that proclamation.

The observation deck called Skytray can be visited by guests at family hotels in Bangkok which gives them direct view of the ground which is over 300 meters from the top. The entire glass platform’s dimension is 4.5 meters by 17.5 meters.


When Mould Removal Must Be Handled By Trained Professionals

Small remediation projects for mould removal can be undertaken by homeowners but when mould presence and growth is very extensive, it requires professional mould removal services. There are many factors that will affect the cost of mould removal like the amount of mould that has to be removed and level of development that may require replacement of structural materials. In some cases, mould removal may require the use of specialized protective and disposal equipment.

According to the suggestions of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), if mould infestation covers 100 square feet or less, property owners can handle the task. If the area of infestation is larger than 100 square feet or mouldcan be found in separate areas in the home, professional mould removal will be required for the cleanup work.

Many consider mould remediation as too costly but the equipment used is also very expensive. Besides that, technicians have to be trained in the proper methods of mould remediation. One of the equipment used in mould remediation is the high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum that costs at least $10,000. This piece of machinery uses specials filters and a very powerful vacuum.

Material cost is often on a case-to-case basis. In some instances, mould has eaten away lumber, floor boards and sheet rock. This requires mould remediation through specially-trained technicians. If moulds are only present in carpets or small areas of the ceiling or walls, the homeowner can undertake the project using wet vacuum that can pull moisture from carpets and lumber. The wet vacuum can be rented for $30 a day.

If moulds infest carpets, drywalls and other porous materials, they have to be removed and replaced. After the cleanup, there should be no visible moulds or odour of moulds. However, it is important o fix plumbing leaks and other sources of moisture to avoid a repetition of the mould infestation.

Non-toxic chemicals, professional equipment and training make mould removal in Sydney the best in the industry. Mould removal virtually cleans away all traces of mould and bacteria from surfaces and difficult to reach areas including mould discoloration.


Is An Affordable Hotel Possible In Las Vegas?

Many people want to cut to back on their expenses and yet they do not want to forego memorable experiences. People dream of going to Las Vegas but unlike other places where flights and hotel rates are lower when there are few visitors, in Las Vegas there is no such thing as off-season. While Las Vegas provides the ultimate experience, finding an affordable hotel may not be easily possible.

One of the good things with Las Vegas is the ease of travel because of the multiple American airlines that make daily flights. Unfortunately, due to the great number of people who want to enjoy an adventure in Las Vegas, lower prices can only be experienced during the middle of the week. Usually, there are significant savings when flights and accommodations are booked as one package.

When booking for a holiday package, it always pays to make a research but since there are lots of hotels in Las Vegas, the process can be daunting. Narrow down your list of choices and sign up for the mailing lists since most hotels offer exclusive discounts to their subscribers.

Like any other city, location plays a big role in the price of the holiday package. Downtown hotels that are 25 minutes away from The Strip offer incredible value. If you prefer to stay on The Strip, there are affordable options for millennials. The rooms have bunk beds and you can split the cost with friends. This option is pretty normal in Las Vegas; don’t feel weird about it.

Since Las Vegas offers the best shows, you could spend a fortune on them. Big name acts certainly cost hundreds of dollars but if you are travelling on a budget, order your tickets online prior to your holiday. There are also free attractions and free concerts; part of the fun is checking them out one by one.

On the other side of the world is Thailand, an affordable destination for a budget conscious traveller. An affordable hotel in Sukhumvit allows you a taste of luxury and affordability in one place. The price of accommodation is reasonable with special promotions and discounts available every day.



Longer Leasehold Terms To Encourage Foreign Property Investors

Tourism is one of the main contributors to the economy of Thailand; however, when foreigners want to buy land in the kingdom, they are challenged with strict property ownership caps. Now the Finance Minster is thinking whether it is possible to allow non-Thais to acquire land through generous leasehold terms.

Many foreigners become interested to buy real estate in Thailand after experiencing life in the tropical paradise of Asia. Generally, foreigners are not allowed to own land in Thailand because it is prohibited by the laws. While there are options available for foreigners, the process is somewhat complicated.

Bangkok Post quoted Finance Minister Apisak Tantivorawong when he said that if leasing laws were amended to support leasehold, foreign buyers will be able to lease real estate in Thailand for long term, like 50 years and then sell the rights afterwards. Current leasehold terms stand at 30 years with option for renewal when the term ends. If the terms are extended, it will provide the tenants a sense of ownership.

Because of the slow-performing economy of Thailand, the government is trying to explore all avenues for growth including allowing leasehold to increase global demand for Thai real estate. If the structure of the property market is changed, foreigners will be encouraged to lease land on a long term basis.

Last year, the GDP of Thailand was estimated at 3.5. The property sector is always the first to show signs when the economy is going to hit a slump. When the economy improves, it is also the property market that shows the first signs of life. This is the reason why the Thai government is keen on the real estate sector.

On the other hand, the finance minister also revealed that there are plans to impose a windfall tax on properties that are close to mass transit lines and other state projects.

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