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Thailand’s Teachers Included In Asia’s Highest Paid Educators

There is no question that teachers from international school in Chonburi are getting high salaries but when it comes to public schools many are questioning of the financial compensation these everyday heroes are receiving. The good news is that according to the latest survey conducted a consumer research firm, teachers employed in public schools in Thailand are one of the highest paid in all of Asia.

Based on the findings, majority of the countries based the salary of the teachers on the GDP per capita of the country. There are countries though, including Japan, Korea, India and Thailand, that pays their teacher higher than that figure. This means that these professionals are earning higher compared to an average worker in their country. A few countries pay their teachers less than the GDP per capita of their nation such as Singapore, Vietnam and China which means they are earning less compared to an average worker.

Teachers in Korea are one of the highest paid in Asia since they earn about 175 per cent of the GDP per capita of the nation. It is notable that education is considered a craze in the country since the students are expected to study at least 15 hours every day. Studies revealed that a high school teacher in Korea earns around 65 million won every year.

Another country that puts a high value on teachers is India which pays their educators 173 per cent of the nation’s GDP per capita. Their public school teachers are actually earning $8,000 every year. This figure is lower in comparison to other nations but this is already high based on the GDP of India.

According to the study, Thailand took the third spot for the country that pays their teachers the highest. Teachers in public schools in the country are said to be earning around $12,000 every year which is almost165 per cent of its GDP per capita. For the past few years, the national government of Thailand has shown efforts in reforming the education system. This impacts not just public schools but private schools such as international school in Chonburi but there are still a number of challenges the country has to overcome with regards to education.


Visa Denials Of American Educators Pressure International School In Moscow

You may be the best international school in Thailand or anywhere else in the world, but if you find yourself in a conflict with your state’s foreign ministry, then you have all the rights in the world to feel uneasy.

Just recently, both the U.S. and the British embassies expressed their concerns over Russia’s foreign ministry after thirty teachers from the United States were not able to receive their respective visas. Russia’s foreign ministry confided that the teachers should not be given their visas as the school was not encompassed by the U.S. embassy and was just a commercial enterprise.

School’s History

For the record, the origin of the English-language school could be traced back in 1949 through the collaborative efforts of the American, British, and Canadian governments. It was brought up as a non-profitable organization and various representatives from the aforementioned countries have come over in order to run the said school.

Adverse Effects

The said blocking of the thirty visas would be very detrimental to the over-all welfare of the school as the reduction of teachers may challenge the school’s very foundation and organizational structure. This means that those existing teachers may be allocated with additional teaching responsibilities and may also beget the disenrollment of some students.

In regards to the said issue, Huntsman, U.S. Ambassador to Russia stated that “children should not be used as pawns in diplomatic disputes”.

Furthermore, the U.S. Embassy in Moscow has also seen a significant decrease in the number of their staff after the Russian government fired greater than 50% of their personnel roughly two years ago. That action was said to be Russia’s retribution after the United States arguably held the visa of many Russians for almost a year because of Russia’s role in Ukraine conflict and election interference.

Lastly, former U.S. Ambassador to Moscow Michael McFaul said that these kinds of conflict are inevitable, yet it would be poorly justifiable to include the innocent children in the said conflict.

Nevertheless, it is still very important to set aside misunderstandings for the sake of the children. At the end of the day, just like what the best international school in Thailand believes, education indeed must not be compromised at all cost.


Features Of A Good School Website

The world has gone online. More people do their shopping and business transactions online. There are online jobs that stay-at-home moms or dads appreciate. Most people do their research and inquiries online. It is more convenient to go online to check things first than go to the actual place or shop. Business owners spend time and money to come up with a website that is appealing, informative, easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eyes.

An international school with a website like should be able to give the basic information that the parents and students need to know about the school. People who are making inquiries online may establish their first contact with the school through the school’s website. In effect, the school’s website reflects the image that the school may leave in the mind of the people who inquired online. That’s why every international school should be able to present a website that can leave a good image in the people’s mind.

Features that May Help Attract Parents and Students Alike

  1. Aesthetically Appealing Website

The overall look of the website is the first thing that visitors notice. The layout, fonts, images, and colours that should be used in the school’s website must blend well. They should go together to create the kind of image or impression that the school wanted to leave in the mind of a visitor of their website. The international school may hire a professional web designer to help them with their website design.

  1. Relevant and High-Quality Content

The visitors to any website expect to read relevant and high-quality content. Visitors of an international school website expect to read something about the school and the awards or recognition that it received or that of its students. The website must also contain the contact details of the school, events calendar, news, curriculum, learning resources, school value, and other important matters.

  1. Easy Navigation

A simple website that is easy to navigate is much better than the one that’s so sophisticated to operate. It is okay to build a sophisticated-looking website as long as it does not affect the overall user experience. The visitors may no longer bother exploring the school website when navigating it is already giving them a headache.

  1. Responsive

People on the go often use their mobile devices to surf the net and visit different websites. The school’s website should be responsive, which means that their website should be able to adjust to the screen size of the device that the visitor is using. It should remain user-friendly.

International school websites, like, must make sure that their site is always up and working all the time.