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How Florida’s Carefree Summers Became A Thing Of The Past

An illustrated map of Florida will make you remember the carefree summers that people enjoyed before the pandemic. If you are interested in the map illustration, you can read more on their website. The map illustration is lavishly drawn with dolphins and whales, yachts and sailboats with other childlike drawings that reflect on the usual American optimism.

Daily life in Florida has become different as coronavirus cases skyrocket. Popular beaches are closed and people are required to wear masks. Bars are closed once again because some customers did not wear masks or follow social distancing. Miami-Dade county has prohibited indoor dining in restaurants while Broward county announced a 2-week curfew Friday.

According to Dr. Dena Grayson, an infectious disease researcher, things can get pretty worse unless something dramatic is done to flatten the curve. Hospitalizations continue to rise although not as steeply as the past weeks. Hospitals in Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville have reported a critical shortage of the antiviral remdesivir because of the recent surges.

Critics complain that the Florida governor has not mandated a statewide mask ordinance. Everything has turned into a political fight with conflicting messages on whether or not to wear a mask. Criticism increased as the hardest hit areas in the state are ramping up restrictions ad curfews and doubling their efforts to encourage mask use. However, Walt Disney World was allowed to reopen including Hollywood Studios Theme Parks, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando.

Normally, catering and events companies are busy preparing for summer weddings, graduations and corporate events but 3 counties have imposed various restrictions on group gatherings.
The companies have to cut back their staff even if it is peak season. They are trying to keep as many people as possible but events are now down to six from the normal 65 during the summer season.

While the map illustration of Florida will make you reminisce about the happy days, it can also be used as a promotional tool when things return to normal. Try to read more on their website to understand how map illustrations can lure customers effortlessly. The hand-draw illustrations show a particular scene from above at an oblique view for that instant feeling of recognition.


Studies Reveal That Preschool Can Make A Big Difference In A Child’s Development

Some parents are still skeptical on whether preschool offers benefits to their children. Does attending preschool make a difference in developing their children’s minds? After all, the costs of preschool can be pretty expensive and children are still too young to be attending school. However, Anaheim Preschool helps in managing children’s behavior in a classroom setting in preparation for kindergarten.

According to the results of a new study that was released on the journal of Child Development, attending preschool can make a big difference in child development. Children who attend quality preschool display better self regulatory behavior and academic skills than those who have not attended preschool. They learn to love books which help a lot throughout their academic years.

The Chicago School Readiness Project (CSRP) is a longitudinal study that tracks 466 low income, racially and ethnically diverse 3 and 4-year old children from preschool to the start of high school. At least half of the participants have attended Head Start programs that provide teachers with professional development and coaching. The programs are focused on positive discipline strategies and provide help in managing stress inside the classroom. The other half has attended traditional Head Start programs.

The research revealed that the training provided to teachers resulted in a more positive classroom environment and led to student’s regulatory behavior and academic skills. However, the results do not predict improvements in executive function for participants who are in high school. Nonetheless, the study highlights that preschools run by trained teachers can produce a lasting impact on students particularly those from disadvantaged or at-backgrounds.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, preschools teach children how to socialize and get along with others. They become part of a play situation, learn new vocabulary while playing and at the same time learn from other kids. They learn pre-math skills like counting, sorting and recognizing patterns.

It is difficult for parents to choose a preschool that will develop the child’s basic skills. Not all preschools are created the same but Anaheim Preschool has trained teachers and the right environment for child development. The preschool’s educational features are designed to prepare children for the formal learning process.


Tourists Spending In Saigon Increases As They Stay Longer

According to survey, international tourists who spend their time in the commercial hub of Vietnam in 2017 were able to spend an average of $145 per day. This comes as no surprise as they want to experience everything from spa in Saigon to the best local restaurants and night markets.

Authorities from Ho Chi Minh City said that they are increasing the efforts they are making in order to encourage tourists to stay longer in the top metropolis in Vietnam. This is after they have found out that they are able to earn higher revenue from tourism this way.

The new shift in focus was prompted after an increase in the number of tourists that are arriving in the city. Last year, the city recorded 6.36 million international arrivals which are higher by 22.8 per cent compared to the previous year. Further good news for the tourism industry is the fact that these tourists are staying longer in the city as well as spending more cash.

According to a survey conducted at the middle of 2018 with regards to the tourism market, foreign tourists are spending around $145 for each day they are in the city in 2017 which is also the same amount as the spending of tourists in Thailand in 2016. The number is still lower than that of Singapore which is at $254 and Beijing at $242 as well as Taipei at $208. The survey was conducted by the Statistics Bureau and the tourism department of Saigon in partnership with Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 and MasterCard.

Domestic tourists in Vietnam, on the other hand, spend an average of $69.4 each day. The same survey revealed that the city is offering more the tourists thus they are staying longer – an average of 5.21 days while locals stay for 3.6 days on average. There are many things to do in the metropolis but spending mostly went to hotels, spa in Saigon, food and shopping.


How An Office Window Privacy Film Protects Your Business

You need to properly install a high-quality office window privacy film for your business. The window films can come in various shades, shapes and prices, and your choices will provide some peace of mind in your office. You know you are protected against the heat and glare, while your employees work comfortably and in a relaxed manner. This then improves their productivity.

The office window privacy film can be used for other purposes as well. Aside from the office, you find them in homes, vehicles and other means of transport like a bus or boat. It doesn’t only provide protection for your home or office from the harmful sun, but it can act as a buffer for extreme weather conditions and burglary.

The window privacy film can also protect you during extreme weather conditions like hail or hurricane. It is a good protection for your windows during the worst of storms.  The window tint will minimise the damaging effects of the weather especially for your home or office interior. You just need to have it installed properly and you can also be protected from window shatters.

A good owner or manager of a certain business will insist to have all his glass panels installed with an office window privacy film for protection. People from the outside will not see what’s happening inside, especially if the business is dealing confidentially. It also protects the property and the stocks inside, the employees and the customers transacting business with them. The right security tint on the window will also provide a layer of protection from harm. It will ensure that burglary or theft cannot penetrate inside.

How to choose the right provider for your office window privacy film is to check and choose from retail or online stores. If you check through the Internet, you’ll be provided with lots of websites that offer the window film that you need. However, they can come in various shades, colours and sizes. So, you know which ones to choose, speak with customer service and see how they can help you. You also need to consider your budget.


How To Stretch Your Dollars When Visiting Thailand

Travellers from all walks of life go to Thailand to spend a holiday because the country is budget friendly. Sometimes, visitors are surprised at the rates charged by 4 star hotel in Bangkok compared to other international destinations. Travellers certainly get the most value for their dollars when they travel to Thailand.

Meanwhile, there are ways to save further in Thailand without compromising on the level of enjoyment. Foreign exchange is one of the things that a traveller has to plan for head of the journey but if you arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport without a single baht on your pockets, you have no choice but exchange some of your dollars to buy your train tickets or pay the taxi to the hotel. However, avoid the foreign exchange counters at the airport as much possible because there are better deals from Thai banks at the malls.

Because many tourists fear pickpockets, they leave the passport at the hotel. In Thailand, carrying the passport with you is very beneficial. Tourists that can show their passports are eligible for a tax refund if they spend more than 2,000 baht on their purchases. Shopping centres offer instant discounts, gift vouchers and free Wi-Fi access when tourists show their passports.

Buying a local SIM is one of the necessary expenses. The local SIM which costs about 299 baht is loaded with unlimited Wi-Fi access and limited SMS and calls for 8 days. You can stay connected to your family and friends through Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger as well as Instagram and Facebook Live.

In some countries, the credit card is very handy for travellers. However, in Thailand, you are required to pay in cash when shopping and dining. Make sure that you have more than enough baht when you visit Chatuchak Weekend Market or the Platinum Fashion Mall. Some stores my accept credit cards but with 3% to 7% surcharge.

A delightful experience awaits you at 4 star hotel in Bangkok that is tastefully designed and furnished. You can easily indulge your passion for shopping because the hotel is conveniently located near shopping malls and the city’s commercial district. The whole city is just a short trip away.


Genetically Modified Mozzies Could Help Cut Down On Disease Transmission

According to studies, mosquitoes are one of the deadliest creatures on Earth, albeit indirectly. Thanks to the fact that they carry several types of viruses, bacteria, parasites and other disease sources, which they transmit through their bites, mozzies kill around a million of the 700 million people they infect annually.

For this reason, people are looking for innovations like Deet free repellent in Australia to keep them safe, as international travel, globalization as well as climate change has led to mozzie infections being a global problem. Pathogens like the West Nile virus (WNV) have caused outbreaks even in countries like the US, on top of new pathogens being discovered.

Currently, control efforts are limited to insecticide sprays, though there are some issues, even with Deet free repellent in Australia and across the world. To that end, scientists have turned to genetically modifying mosquitoes to control disease outbreaks. It’s not a new idea, having been suggested as far back as the 40s.

As it stands, there are two methods to utilizing GM mozzies; population replacement and population suppression. The former is replacing pathogen transmitting mosquitoes with ones unable to do so, taking advantage of ‘gene driving’, which uses a quirk on inheritance to spread a genetic trait to more than half of a specimen’s offspring, to spread the anti-pathogen genes. The latter, meanwhile, outright curbs the ability of mosquitoes to reproduce.

The concept of a gene drive is not restricted to genes, as all organisms posses what’s called a ‘hologenome’, which represents the genomes of all of their associated microbes. The Wolbachia symbiotic bacteria, known for infecting about 70% of all known insect species, is marked as the genetic trait that suppresses  either the ability of insects to reproduce or spread pathogens, and is programmed to hijack the insect’s reproductive methods to spread itself through the species.

Within the last eight years, scientists have worked with Wolbachia, taking the strain in fruit flies and passing them, as well as at least 1,500 prerequisite genes, into mosquitoes that transmit dengue, who were then released into a dozen countries to curb the spread of the disease. Preliminary results from the releases in the AU have shown promise, but the countries with higher disease density like South America and Asia still need further study.

For population suppression, scientists have been sterilizing mosquitoes by modifying males of the species to carry a gene that is lethal to the females, leaving the males, who do not bite or transmit the disease. These males are then released to nature, where they mate with the wild female population, which result in male offspring with the genetic quirk, and dead females, which cut down on the species’ reproductive abilities.

There have been some opposition to these methods, though sterile mosquitoes are generally agreed upon by the scientific community to be the safest disease control method, not just for the species, but also for the environment, safer than broad-spectrum insecticide sprays if nothing else.

In an increasingly globalized world, pathogens are likely to spread across the world, and with insect resistance to insecticide growing, scientists are looking for ways to curb the damage done by mosquito-borne diseases, without risking the environment.