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How To Address A Negative Review Posted On Google

Job seekers pay attention to reviews like King Kong digital marketing reviews even if they come from anonymous employees because they believe that reviews paint a true picture of a company. Review sites allow employees to post anonymous reviews as long as they are not defamatory. A company’s reputation must not be damaged by derogatory reviews.

Mark Fletcher used to ignore Google reviews left by customers for his software business Tower Systems until he lost a sale due to a negative review from a person called Ashley T. The reviewer said that she strongly recommends not buying the product. The comment which was made a year ago claimed that the point-of-sale software contained flaws. It was also claimed that Tower Systems did not respond to the complaint.

Tower System’s story is quite common. The impact of a negative review is being hotly debated among customers, businesses and Google, that is increasingly involved in court actions. Fletcher said that he has repeatedly tried to contact the reviewer. However, more negative reviews were anonymously posted to bring down the company’s ratings. Fletcher finds it difficult to force Google to do something about the reviews.

According to Fletcher, he has filled up several Google forms to complain about the false and misleading reviews from anonymous consumers. It is easy to file a complaint with Google about businesses but not misleading claims. The negative reviews and low star ratings on Google have caused the business to lose its leads. To address the issue, Fletcher requested customers to leave positive reviews. His rating was fixed and it is now 3.8 out of 5.

Google reviews tend to be more analytical and less of broadsided swipes or praises. When customers say that they like or dislike something, it becomes useful to others. Negative reviews get the attention of companies including those that are unresponsive.

If you take some time to read King Kong digital marketing reviews, you will notice that most of the reviews aim to share their good working experience with others. A current employee has commented that the digital agency has amazing work culture while another considers the company as a great place to work in.


 Tips To Make Cleaning Stress-Free

Festival season is arriving soon. Festivals bring joy and happiness. They bring family members together by allowing them to spend fun time. Now we need to gear-up with the festival work. Festival preparation starts with cleaning. We need to clean the house, then go for shopping, decorate the house for festivals, making cookies and cakes etc. This makes the season more stressful and painful. Taking care of regular activities we need to finish our cleaning.

When we start cleaning due to dust we may get allergies and suffer from it for a few more days. With this festivals arrive in no time.  Then we will be in a hurry to wind up the thinks as fast as we can. By the end of the day we feel tired and restless. We will not be able to enjoy the festive time as we expected to do.

Hiring companies for Junk hauling Orange County is the solution for your problem. These companies hire professionals, who will help you in cleaning the house. You need to contact them and fix an appointment. They will come to do the job. You need to pay them according to the work. After cleaning they will also take care of disposing junk. They will arrange your belongings according to you choice.

One of the advantages of hiring professional companies for Junk hauling Orange County is that they train people to perform the task with perfection. Proper background check is also done. You can trust them without any doubt. The junk collected will be disposed in respective plants that recycles it according to the rules and regulations that are imposed by the government.

Hiring Junk hauling orange county firms also helps you to get professional cleaning service.  The cleaning staff visit your home at your   convenient   time and complete the cleaning task using appropriate tools and equipment.

So hiring professional firms for junk hauling Orange County will make cleaning stress free. Irrespective of the amount of junk they will help you in cleaning the stuff. You can relax and enjoy the festival makeover of your house.



The Financial And Emotional Impact Of Theft On Businesses

In a theft case, the accused faces the risks of incarceration, loss of certain rights or substantial fines. Representing yourself is one of the biggest mistakes you can do in your life. There is a private theft lawyer that can provide legal representation to make sure that you get the justice you deserve.

Marlee Veness, a 27-year old woman plead guilty of stealing almost half a million dollars during her 2 and half years of employment with Alice Springs Helicopters. She stole a total $486,000 between 2014 and 2017.

According to Prosecutor Stephen Robson, the money was taken by Veness from direct money transfers on over 147 transactions. Many of the transactions were concealed by using legitimate business account names and invoice numbers. Veness used a systematic approach in the theft which was described as an offense that is “at or above mid-range.”

Veness started working with Alice Springs Helicopters in 2014. She was responsible for general bookkeeping, invoice payments, depositing cash in banks and other duties. Warwick Curr, managing director of Alice Springs Helicopters noticed money was missing when Veness left the company in 2017.

The company reported the theft to the police on October 2017 and the authorities started with their investigations. It was found out that Veness spent the money on personal lifestyle goods that included horse equipment.

Although Veness paid back less than half of the money she has stolen, Prosecutor Robson said that the financial, emotional and psychological effects of the crime on the business directors were quite significant.

Alice Springs Helicopters was established in 1992 and begun operating in Alice Springs, Glen Helen Lodge in the West Mac Donnell Ranges and Ross River Resort in East Mac Donnell Ranges. Because of the theft, the company almost went under and they were forced to lay off some of their staff.

If you are in a situation where you are accused of theft, your best option is to hire a theft lawyer who will familiarize himself with the facts and circumstances of your case, the nature of the offense and the courts where the case will be heard. All defenses will be made available so that a satisfactory resolution can be obtained.


Facts About American International School In Thailand

There are many international schools that are present in different countries of the world and not all of them have the same curricula. They all have varied systems that are designed to serve the various foreign nationals in a certain country. There are British, American, Canadian, and other international schools that follow one or a combination of systems in the curriculum that they follow. Further, the majority of these international schools offer the esteemed International Baccalaureate that leads to its diploma.

The various international schools that are in the major capital cities all over the word offer different qualities of education and one of them is the American international school in Thailand that is popular in the country. The school caters to the educational requirements of American people who are working in Thailand either in private companies or in embassies. Amazingly, the American international schools also follow the same curriculum of the local districts.

There are approximately 197 American international schools in about 138 countries that get assistance from the US Government to promote the American system of education for the nationals abroad. The local international schools integrate the American educational system to their curricula. The diversity of the American international school in Thailand makes it on top of the international list of schools that many students benefit from the high quality of education it offers.

In addition, the popular American international school in Thailand is equipped with modern facilities and skilled staff with different excellent educational backgrounds that address the different needs of the students.

International American schools are built and designed to offer a basic curriculum that trains and prepares the students to enroll in universities and colleges in the US. In reality, though, there is no American curriculum that is ever followed in an American international school since each district and state in the United States has its own standards and makes its decisions apart from anyone. However, despite the shortage of uniformity in the American educational program, there are still common practices and themes that are followed by teachers providing the American style of learning abroad.

The influx of many international schools in different countries of the world provides better choices to parents and students who want to get the best education they need that suits their personal needs.



Bangkok Welcomes New Observation Deck

There are many buildings in Thailand including family hotels in Bangkok which cements the city’s reputation as a budding metropolitan. There are tall buildings everywhere in the capital that developers are aiming to beat the tallest ones in order to create a new milestone. For MahaNakhon, the completion of the observation deck by the developer Buro Ole Scheerenmeans they have bagged the title of the second tallest building in the entire kingdom.

MahaNakhom, a local name pertaining to great metropolis, is composed of 77 storeys. It takes a pixilated form and the design has cuboid cutaways which continue upward in order to complete its facades.

According to Ole Scheeren who is Buro Ole Scheeren’s principal, the main idea for the construction of the skyscraper is to embody the city life in Bangkok and showcase it in the form of a tower which exudes a dramatic effect with a movement that spirals.

The building of MahaNakhon, with a final height of 314 meters, took home the title of the tallest building in Thailand when it was first launched in 2015. A residential tower with height higher than one meter was then constructed which snatched the title away from the skyscraper.

At the top of the building is an observation deck with glass floors. This gives the viewers a chance to see the entire city of Bangkok in 360 views.

Scheeren said that the observation deck at the very top of the building was intended to be used by the public so that human activity is not only at the ground floor but at the entire length of the skyscraper from bottom up to the top.

At the beginning of the project, it was intended to be an integral part of the city as well as the public and the creation of the observation deck was a testament to that proclamation.

The observation deck called Skytray can be visited by guests at family hotels in Bangkok which gives them direct view of the ground which is over 300 meters from the top. The entire glass platform’s dimension is 4.5 meters by 17.5 meters.


Christmas In July Drive For The Seniors

Christmas is not only celebrated during the month of December. For many, Christmas in July holds a lot more meaning because it gives them the chance to do something in the spirit of gift giving. This is why Senior Services Inc. decided to hold a campaign this month in celebration of Christmas in July. This is not the same as the holiday season where people get to wear ugly sweater and enjoy food and family gatherings. Instead, they get to organize a drive in order to gather funds to buy food, supplies and household items for the unfortunate senior citizens.

The drive is to start at the first day of July and will last until the 31st which is the last day of the month. The organization has already created a list of the things they need to buy such as peanut butter, canned goods, soup and cereal. There are personal care items included in the list as well like deodorant, adult diapers, paper towels, disposable bed pads and dishwashing liquids.

For those who want to see the complete list they can visit the website of Senior Services. Individuals planning to donate and contribute anything are welcome to do so. Drop off point is at Piedmont Federal Savings Bank branch located in Forsyth County or it can be sent directly to Senior Services office located at Shorefair Drive.

A special program is also organized for the caregivers called Lunch and Learn. This is going to be held at Senior Services Inc and everyone is welcome to join on July 19. The program will start from 11 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. There are speakers coming to the event to talk about a specific topic which is Navigating the Healthcare System. Free lunch is sponsored by Brookridge Retirement Community and participants should register in advance.

These programs are created in order to help those who are in need and those who might need assistance. This provide a more meaningful Christmas in July where everyone, regardless if wearing their ugly sweater or not, will be able to feel the spirit of the holiday by giving and volunteering.