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How Review Video Builds Rapport With Potential Clients

When you read a positive review about a company, your initial reaction is the company is likely successful; otherwise, it won’t be getting so much praise. People love to hear about success stories and there is the desire to be included. This is the reason why consumers support brands that get genuine and honest reviews.

It is relatively easy for a company to convince a customer to leave a review but to do so on camera is a sign of a loyal customer. Loyal customers are usually repeat customers that can influence others to make a purchase due to their trust on the brand.

According to researches, 92% of people trust the recommendation of their peers, which is not surprising. However, the same study revealed that 70% trust recommendations from strangers. This means that companies do not need the endorsement of a well-known celebrity because a genuinely happy customer is enough to tip the scale.

The good thing is you do not just throw a satisfied customer on camera without any planning. There are seasoned professionals who can create authentic videos from the customer’s personal experience with the product or service. When the viewer trusts the video, the trust carries over to the brand, as well.

If you have watched a King Kong agency review, it is very likely that you have noticed that the client is happy enough to be the brand ambassador. Videos are great in building rapport with potential clients particularly if the client speaks highly of the brand and the excellent service.


When Is The Right Moment To Ask For Customer Feedback?

Businesses certainly understand the importance of reviews but the question is how to get glowing reviews from customers. Many customers are reluctant to leave their feedback at the point of sale because they not have experienced the product. There is always that right moment to request for a review to gain optimal results.

There are strategic moments in the customer’s journey where asking for a review will generate the right results. The following signs show that a customer is satisfied with the product or service and will be willing to post a favourable review.

  • After the customer has experienced the product or service
  • After the customer has re-ordered the product
  • After the brand is tagged in a social media post
  • After a customer has spent time on the website browsing the products
  • After the customer has recommended the product to another person

However, there are different time frames for certain products and services. For example, a customer of a ride-sharing app may receive a prompt to review the ride and the driver immediately after the experience or a customer may be asked by a staff to leave a feedback immediately after eating in a restaurant. The important thing is to identify the happiest moment for the customer before requesting for a review.

A digital marketing agency usually requests for King Kong advertising reviews after the client has reached the stage where he has become more profitable and successful due to the digital marketing campaign. A client is always happiest when business generates the expected revenues. All you need to do is ask and they will willingly leave a review.


4 Methods For Marketing And Advertising Reviews From Customers

One measure of success for a business is how well they satisfy their customers. Not only does this determine how well a business can improve the quality of its products and services, but it also boosts its reputation and visibility to bring in more customers.

Below are ways a business can use customer feedback to improve its marketing strategy.

  1. Share feedback via social media.Internet users spend a lot of time on social media, and because it is a go-to for the latest updates, a business is more likely to announce new promotions on their social media pages. By including reviews during this promotional stage, a business can convince more people to avail their packages.


  1. Display reviews on the website. Because the website is a business’ online base, not only should it look presentable, it should also look credible. Showcasing reviews—the good, the bad, and the neutral—can make the website more legitimate, and as visitors make their decision to purchase, they can check the reviews to see if the product is best suited for them.


  1. Include testimonials in campaigns. A business can use reviews in its marketing materials and ads. This presents genuine reactions from real, unpaid, satisfied customers.


  1. Promote reviews within specific demographics. People are looking for relatability when checking customer feedback, so catering reviews to particular demographics is helpful as well. When it comes to promoting a coffee shop, what appeals to a Gen Z may not appeal to a Boomer. This can be seen with King Kong advertising reviews from various age brackets.


The triumph of a product or service is only dependent on how well customers react to them. If a business provides good value, customers will not hesitate to provide authentically positive feedback.



How Online Marketing Can Help You Become An International Company

Every business first starts small. A local neighbourhood business can expand to the city with the right decisions. With the digital age, going international is not a far-fetched idea, either. Grassroots companies have shown that it is possible.

By putting your business online, you are presenting your business to the world. A single search and click from someone on the other side of the world can send them to your website or social media account. But it shouldn’t end with customers reaching you. You have to be the one to reach out to them, too.

First, make yourself trustworthy and reliable. There are many scams online and you don’t want anyone to think you are one of them. Customer reviews and expert testimonials experts help your brand secure legitimacy.

Second, lure potential customers into your online space by using smart advertising and SEO strategies.

Third, engage with your potential customers. Whether they are your neighbour or someone from the other side of the world, be their friend and make them feel they matter (because they do!).

Finally, be you. It is your unique brand that has the most value, rather than being a copycat of a competitor.

It was by engaging with small companies from around the world that King Kong online marketing showed it is possible to start a business from your own home and expand globally. By being present and providing trust and value to your customers, you can make it happen, too.



Using Customer Reviews In Content Marketing

It is very likely that you have watched an Instagram story about a new product or service. It features the opinion of a customer who has actually purchased and used a product. It is actually a combination of social proof (customer reviews) and an engaging video (content marketing). Nowadays, companies cherry-pick their most favourable reviews and use them for content marketing.

According to research, more than 50% of consumers nowadays consult customer reviews before making a confident buying decision. With the option of turning persuasive reviews into content marketing, products and services are “pushed” to consumers even before they visit the website.

Meanwhile, other companies use customer reviews as user-generated content after asking permission from the customer to reuse the review. Companies are desperate to add relevancy to content marketing so that they embed feedback from a customer to make their marketing strategy work.

Consumers trust organic user-generated content more than paid advertisements. This is because reviews are freely given by customers because they are either happy or unsatisfied with the experience. As a result, consumers consider user-generated content as honest and reliable. Unfiltered opinions can be pivotal in increasing conversion rates so that they must be easily accessible to anyone who wants to read them.

A digital marketing agency highlights king kong advertising reviews on its website to enhance the company’s sales. Clients trust the reviews on 3rd party review sites because they cannot be manipulated. They are authentic in nature regardless of the fact that the reviews come from anonymous employees.


Gumtree Launches New Ad Solution Offerings

Online marketplace Gumtree recently launched a new offering for its partners.

This new feature utilizes first-party data, new native products, predictive purchasing technology, as well as changes to how content is handled in order to help brands connect better with audiences and get better returns.

Dubbed Audience Match, this allows Gumtree to provide bespoke ad solutions specifically tailored to their clients’ needs. This new offering was made possible thanks to the advertising platform’s partnership with Live ramp and Info sum.

As for the new products available under the Gumtree Labs offerings, the company’s ad partners can now improved online retail and brand experiences and journalism, as well as interactive and 360 video, among others.

Gumtree Australia Director of Advertising Shannon Fitzpatrick issued a statement on the development, saying that the Circular Economy is valued in the billions of dollars, and is also one of the most significant cultural and customer shifts in years. Naturally, it’s a huge opportunity for marketers, and with so many Aussies on Gumtree, it was a chance they simply couldn’t pass up on.

Fitzpatrick notes how important it is for brands to appeal to customers during major moments of change, as that’s when people are most open to trying out new products and services, looking for upgrades, as well as savings.

They say that what sets Gumtree apart is the fact that they have access to a lot of first-party data listening and trend watching, giving them insight on what Aussies want to buy, what they’re buying, and what they’re likely to buy in the future, which they use to provide their clients with better king kong advertising reviews and better returns.