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Will People Experience A Normal Christmas This Year?

Christmas is 4 months away and people are starting to think of gifts that they can send their loved ones. Kitchen gifts are the best option for Mom who loves to cook and bake. For Dad, he will appreciate the best whiskey glasses that are handcrafted from the finest crystal. The whiskey glass must be of the right size to fit in the palm of Dad’s hand.

According to results of a research made by King’s College London and Ipsos MORI, people prefer to prioritize their health over the economy and their social life. People are willing to accept long term changes in their everyday lives in case a vaccine or treatment is not found. Most people are not convinced that life will return to normal by the end of the year even if Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that certain restrictions will be lifted before Christmas.

It was also revealed that people prefer local lockdowns and work-from-home policies including home schooling. Professor Bobby Duffy, Director of the Policy Institute at King’s College London is surprised to find out that a large majority of people are prepared for long term changes that may last for months if not years.

Regarding the decision of employees on whether to return to the workplace or not, 47% are in favor of returning to the workplace while 39% say they would not. Many adults continue to work from home while the rest have gone back to their workplaces that have placed strict caps on the number of employees that can be in a one time.

There is still a lot of concern on children returning to school because they are also vulnerable to catching the virus and spreading it at home. Parents will only be confident to send their kids to school if their safety is guaranteed.

Meanwhile, it is expected that people will still celebrate Christmas. You do not have to go out and shop because the best whiskey glasses are available online. There is a buying guide to help you choose the perfect set of whiskey glasses. For that classy gift, choose the set that includes a matching decanter.


Aggressive Parents As The Biggest Challenge For High School Sports

Christmas is just around the corner and it is the perfect time of the year to spend time with the family, wear Ugly Christmas Sweater and eat tons of food. Even athletes don the beautiful ugly sweaters for Christmas and share the photos with social media. The sweaters are easy enough to find because they are being sold by both online and offline retailers.

Meanwhile, Iowa High School Athletic Association said that the biggest challenge to high school sports is adult fans and aggressive parents. IHSAA Executive Director Tom Keating and Karissa Niehoff, executive director of National Federation of State High School Associations have expressed the inappropriateness of adult behavior during sports events. Unbecoming behavior of adults has reached epidemic proportions across the country and is hurting high school sports.

A recent national survey interviewed more than 2,000 high school athletic directors to find out what is the most challenging thing about their jobs. The survey results revealed that 62.3% find it difficult to deal with aggressive parents and adult fans. Even high school referees and umpires agree.

According to IHSAA, at least 60% of the new officials during the 2016-17 season quit the following year and one of the major reasons was unruly parents. IHSAA further revealed that unruly parents were the reason for the record-low number of umpires and referees for baseball, football, track and field and wrestling. If no one wants to officiate games, there will be no games.

IHSAA wants to avoid incidents like the one that happened back in May where the referee ejected the whole Marshalltown fan base during a sub-state game against Southeast Polk. The referee made a call and the fans became upset. Coaching and officiating must not be done on the sidelines. Parents do not have to jump in and do the job of the referee. They have to be responsible and supportive parents.

One of the fun traditions during the holidays is wearing Ugly Christmas Sweater with Santa Claus, reindeers and elves. If you are a football fan, you can easily find a Christmas sweater designed specifically for the sport. If you want to standout, there is Ugly 3D Christmas Sweaters that light up.