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Thailand A New Target For Chinese Parents

Many Chinese parents are now buying properties and searching for service apartment in Bangkok for their students. This is because of the increasing tuition fees in international schools in mainland China while those in Thailand only charges a portion of it. This is one of the reasons why the local real estate market in the kingdom is receiving a lot of demand.

According to Peggy Wang who has a daughter, 10, and son, 6, they have decided to move as a family in Chiang Mai which is the northern province of Thailand. The yearly tuition fees they are paying there is about 60,000 yuan while in Beijing they have to pay 240,000 to enrol their kids in a bilingual school.

Wang said that it is common for teachers in Beijing to be replaced as soon as possible but this is not the case in Thailand since majority of the teachers are rooted there which makes a stable faculty staff for the entire school. When they were in Beijing, her kids are taking English classes after their regular school hours because they are not speaking the language outside of their school. This is not the case in Thailand.

She admitted that they are planning to enrol their kids in one of Bangkok’s international schools someday. When that time comes, she expects the tuition fee will become 100,000 yuan annually. In preparation, she has already purchased a flat in the capital city worth 650,000 yuan with a space of 31 square meters. The family also has a villa in Chiang Mai and another flat located in Pattaya.

Wang is only one of the many Chinese parents that are resorting to this method because of the high costs of international schools in mainland. They have come to a conclusion that it is better to invest in property as well as education in Thailand. In fact, the number of Chinese inquiring about real estate is higher in the first six months of 2018 compared to the whole of the previous year. They are looking for apartments while others prefer to have service apartment in Bangkok because of the convenience for their students.