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grtr Understanding Types Of Maps And Their Uses

A map is a visual depiction of a given area and its characteristics on a flat surface. Maps are used to showcase many different characteristics like the physical features, boundaries, distribution of resources, weather patterns, etc.  Maps can be divided into 5 broad categories. General reference maps, topographic maps, thematic maps, navigation maps and cadastral maps.

General Reference Maps

General reference maps are the regular maps used by most of us. These maps are easy to read and can be used to locate different places. These maps include features like roads, lakes, rivers, important tourist destinations etc. 2D and 3D urban map illustration can be used to map a city in an attractive and easy to read manner. These maps can be used on tourist guides and other marketing materials to help tourists navigate through the city.

Topographical Maps

Topographic maps show detailed elevation and contour lines of a landscape. Survey maps are the best example of topographical maps. These maps lets you understand the detailed topography of a particular country or city.

Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are used to highlight specific themes or topics. These maps are used for various purposes such as geology, weather, population density, land use, etc. Thematic maps require specific understanding and knowledge and are not easy to read.

Navigational Maps

Maps that are used to navigate the sea and for air travel are known as navigational charts. These charts or maps consist of important information about the specific route. Navigational charts consist of information such as hidden rocks and other features on the route.

Cadastral Maps

Cadastral maps or plans are used to map individual properties. They consist of information about boundaries, area of the property etc. Cadastral maps are mostly used to establish ownership of a property and in town planning.

A map can be used for multiple purposes. Urban map illustration is a type of general reference maps that are used to find your way across city. These maps can be used to provide detailed information about the different aspects of the city in an attractive and interesting manner. Thematic maps are used to depict the elevations of a landscape. Cadastral maps help to map ownership and thematic maps aid in depicting topics such as geology of a particular area.


How To Look For Customized Sticker Printing In NZ And Other Countries

Making sticker is very easy to do. With the help of video tutorials that are available on the internet, one can easily create one. Even a kid who does not know how printing works can learn to do it. While this has become very easy, the complexity of the design still varies from a person’s inclination towards the arts. There are people who are really not good into it, no matter how they study doing it.  In New Zealand, there are sticker stores that can help you customize your preferred design.

There are online stores that offer customized sticker printing in NZ. They will help you save time from researching different techniques and methods to do it. You don’t need to learn the software that is proficient in making it. No need to submit drafts that will also squeeze your creativity. All you need to do is to tell them what you want, what you are looking forward to the finished product. Just words, no drawings, and sketches. They then will let you choose from the drafts that they think suits your taste.

The prices differ from one provider to another. You must understand that they are not using the same methods and their expertise differ. The design is the main factor and what matters most. The more complex it is the higher the price for it. Definitely, a single letter sticker is cheaper than a company logo. This is because the maker will consume time to make this possible. The materials also matter. There are plenty of kinds of paper to choose from. There are simple ones, shiny and glittery, scented, waterproof, and so on.

Ordering a product is very convenient these days. Just need to search for keywords like customized sticker printing in NZ, and it will show you lists of merchants that offer the services. You also have the option if you want to visit their physical stores or do the transaction completely online. If you choose the latter then you just need to wait for the product to be delivered on your doorstep. Less hassle and fewer worries.


Instead Of Makeup, People Are Treating Rosacea With Horse Medicine

Disfigurements and discoloration of the skin including tattoos can be corrected and covered through dermacolor, a camouflage cream. The makeup is suitable for the face and neck to hide the imperfections of the skin. However, it important to properly match the product with the skin colour to create a natural appearance.

Some people have been diagnosed with rosacea, a mysterious skin disease that has no known cause or cure. Symptoms include facial redness, painful bumps or thickened skin. People who are suffering from the skin disease are frustrated and very likely to experiment with different inexpensive medications. Makeup is one of the solutions to conceal the condition but others have opted for a veterinary medicine that is used to treat horses.

Dermatologists are alarmed with the growing popularity of the inexpensive horse medicine. People cannot be blamed because healthcare is becoming very expensive. The medication is known as horse paste which contains ivermectin, an anti-parasitic compound. It contains the same active ingredient as Soolantra which is approved by the FDA as a topical gel to treat rosacea.

Without healthcare insurance, Soolantra costs several hundred dollars. Patients are also required to take other medications like oral antibiotic doxycycline before insurance covers Soolantra. In contrast, horse paste can be purchased through Amazon for $4 without the need for prescription.

While horse paste is certainly a cheaper alternative, dermatologist are warning patients that the exact concentration of ivermectin has not been tested on humans. It is a different formulation and concentration that may eventually cause future resistance to the drug. Since the veterinary medicine has not been tested on humans, dermatologists are worried that it might cause allergies and irritation when applied to human skin. At least 45 million people all over the world suffer from rosacea and yet a cure has not been discovered.

Skin conditions like rosacea can be concealed through dermacolor that is specially designed for human skin. The makeup is applied on the top layer of the skin to visually correct the skin condition. It can last for a day or two but sometimes touch-up will be required for people with an active lifestyle and prefer to stay outdoors.


The Cultural Meaning Of Aquaman’s Tattoos

It is very likely for some actors to use tattoo cover up makeup if the movie does not require body art. However, in the film Aquaman, Jason Momoa flaunts his flowing locks and body art that matches with his superhero role. According to the actor, the tattoos of Aquaman have cultural meaning and have a lot more to them than meets the eyes.

Aquaman is a story about Arthur Curry and how he became the King of Atlantis. He has a symbolic pattern of tattoos which is the same as the triangular body art in real life. The Hawaiian-born actor told a 2013 Q&A session in New Zealand that the tattoo on his forearm represents his family crest and their “aumakua” or family’s spirit guardian. The tattoo is supposed to remove darkness out of the heart and bring in the light.

Momoa’s forearm tattoo is an underwater protection because it indicates to sharks that he is one of their kind and should not bother him. In the early part of the movie, young Arthur commanded the attention of the sharks and other fish inside a giant aquarium. The scene is made more meaningful by Momoa’s real tattoo that is supposed to spiritually communicate with sharks.

Arthur Curry has a lot more tattoos than Momoa and the designs have not been chosen arbitrarily. In the Polynesian culture, tattoos are symbols of water gods. If you will look closely at some of Aquaman’s tattoos, you will notice that the patterns resemble some of the traditional Polynesian tattoos.

On Aquaman’s upper arms, there is a tattoo that looks like spearheads and signifies armour. They also represent the sting of some animals like the stingray. Some of the tattoos that are designed on Aquaman’s torso can be distracting but they are culturally significant and make the character more authentic.

If you made the mistake of having your ex’s name tattooed on your arms, you can make them disappear temporarily through tattoo cover up makeup that is applied properly. Removing unwanted tattoos through laser surgery can be very expensive. The tattoo can be covered with a superior colour correction system that is individually formulated to create a natural appearance.


Choosing Custom Canvas Prints To Enhance The Ambiance Of Your Home

When hanging custom canvas prints within your homes, it will help modify the atmosphere of your living space. Besides, you have a variety of canvas prints to choose from. Here is a guide to choosing a quality print, which will all depend on your decorating vision and the ambiance you plan to create.

Decorating with Canvas Prints

You may know all the essential elements when selecting the right canvas print; however, you need to remember the space you plan to decorate. To protect your artwork in rooms that can be messy or damp, like the kitchen or bathroom, opt for framed canvas prints to protect it from debris or moisture.

If you decide to decorate the walls in your master bedroom, settle for a panoramic print to add an interesting focal point in the room. You may also choose a print collage for your children’s room for you to feature all your kids’ artworks, school pictures and sports photos.

For the entrance hall or living room, let your home designer set-up an impressive art wall or gallery in your home. Certainly, there will be places in the wall to hang different pictures that may vary on your space and budget. Opting for custom canvas prints will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

How to Personalize

Never limit your home decorating creativity with canvas prints only. You can mix and match various styles and customize them to really fit your decorating requirements. With the current variety of canvas prints, you can style flexibly a design with one big picture or a collage of pictures as they are directly printed on a canvas.

You can also customize the canvas print by adding messages or texts. It’s either to commemorate a special occasion or given as a gift to someone. There are a wide range of customization choices you can choose from. Work with a budget and style to see what you like.

For more details about selecting custom canvas prints for your home, find our canvas sizing guide very useful. Whether you are planning to give it as a gift, or to fill the empty walls in your home, there’s always a canvas print dedicated for your needs and preference.


Money-Saving Tips For Wall Art Online

There are many ways to keep precious memories for the longest time. You can keep the moments in a video or hire a professional photographer and after that, you can look for a canvas printing shop where you can do wall art. Canvas prints are generally cheap in spite of its durability and quality. For every canvas print, you would only spend less than a hundred to a few hundred dollars depending on the design and size. To save further on canvas prints, you can do the following money-saving hacks.

Look for promos and deals

Before you place your order or start uploading the photo you intend to be printed on canvas, it would be best to check from the canvas printer’s website for deals and promos. Find out if they offer discounts on their services or if they have special promos such as discounted or free shipping or delivery. Free shipping and delivery is an excellent way to save money especially if you are going to order higher quantities. Aside from free delivery, look for free services such as free enhancement or touch up on the finished product.

Go for bulk orders

Another way to reduce your expenses is to order higher quantities. This goes for any other online purchases. When you opt for bulk orders, you get automatic discount on the items. There are suppliers that offer higher discount for higher number of orders. If you have friends who also want to have their photos printed in canvas, pool your orders to reduce the overall costs. Service providers prefer bulk orders forwall art because they get guaranteed customers while the customers in turn, get the products at a cheaper rate.

Check for customer-friendly deals

Find out if the company that offers wall art has special deals such as money back guarantee. This way, you can have your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. There are also canvas printers that offer lifetime guarantee for repairs and canvas maintenance. Choose a company that offers secure online payment transactions.