Australia’s Sailing Event Caught Global Attention

Last month, before the year 2015 ends is the most awaited race in Australia starting from Sydney and coming to a halt in Hobart. Before the event proper, the competitors that are joining as well as the yachts to be used need to travel in order to reach Sydney. That task itself is a challenge for many of the competitors. The event which is known widely in Australia as The Rolex Sydney Hobart Race is now a global phenomenon as it reaches other nations as well.

There are 109 competitors listed in last year’s event and 28 of which are not from Australia but from neighboring countries. The number increased by four compared to the last record. According to the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia’s commodore, John Cameron, the official organizer of the race which is held every year, he has been telling the people involved in the club that the event is not just exclusive in between Sydney and Hobart which is the route but it has also reached an international level.

The annual race starts at the Sydney Harbor which is located across the Bass Strait and it ends in the island of Tasmania which is found in Hobart. Cameron also added that yachting is now making a comeback and it has gathered interests from different parts of the globe. He also noted that the event shows that there are many competitors that are willing to give their time as well as the much needed effort into journeying together with their boats just to join the event which is held in Australia.

There are two boats included in the event which came from the farthest place but were also recorded to be among the fastest, namely Rambler 88 and Comanche. The boats were able to travel to Australia through a container ship coming from the United States. There are also two remarkable boats that traveled to Australia coming from another country with the help of their wind power alone, the ShuguangHaiyang and the Ark323 which are both from mainland China. For those interested in sailing, charter one of our boats through


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