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Christopher T Levay

Christopher Levay
Editor Of Misery Watch

It recent years, there is so much research on the negative impact of misery on our personal and professional lives. A student who is being bullied in school is often miserable and unhappy. An employee with a bad boss loses his confidence and self esteem. It is our goal at Misery Watch to share with you good and happy news that can generate happy feelings.

The news that we provide at Misery Watch aims to motivate you to overcome the challenges that make your life sad and uncomfortable. There are so many obstacles in life, in society that have to be dealt with that is why we make an effort to provide you with inspiration through stories from all over world. There are so many people who have become victims of violence, discrimination and bullying but they were able to overcome these challenges and ultimately made a better life for themselves.

Misery Watch provides you with happy and interesting news. By being happy, you can tackle most of your problems and you open your minds to foster more creativity. So much negativity and violence is reported in our news today but at Misery Watch our goal is to help you focus on good news to prevent unfavorable news to cause more stress, misery and depression.

We at Misery Watch have built a community that support people who are experiencing misery in their lives. Interacting with people who possess great compassion and deep understanding will provide you a lifeline. You are not alone because our community at Misery Watch is willing to help you. We want to make a difference in your life. Don’t feel ashamed because misery is common and there are many people besides you who are suffering in silence.

Meet new friends in our Misery Watch community so that they help you regain your confidence. Visit www.miserywatch.com and find the right groups who can help you overcome your challenges. You may prefer to join groups who are in the same condition and position as you. Allow us to boost your morale and improve your well being. Feel free to contact us at www.misery.com.