A Haven In The Heart Of Karon Beach

When talking about visiting Thailand, Phuket and its many beaches are the few places that is a must see and experience. Phuket is an island in the Andaman Sea along the vast waters of the western shore. Because of its geographical location in the map, Phuket is blessed to have a tropical climate averaging of 27° C (81° F)-29 °C (83° F). It is lined with beautiful high end beach resort. Being the largest island, Phuket is said to be considered as one of the most visited places in Thailand.  It was made even popular by the 2004 Tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake that hit the island killing a large number of locals and tourists. Major beaches have suffered a lot of damage like Patong, Kamala, Karon and Kata. Months and Years passed these destroyed resorts are slowly rising from the devastating calamity and are now coming back to business and life is gradually reciprocating to normal.

Hundreds of establishments have risen and Phuket has bloomed in this very iconic tourist destination. Hotels, resorts and condos have been developed to house all the local and foreign tourist that are mushrooming every day. The need to supply this ever-growing demands has paved the way for commercialism to flourish. Popular beaches strived hard and had sailed alongside the stipulation brought about by the tide. Karon beach is the second beach in terms of length and the third most prominent beach in Phuket. Highly visited due to its long stretch of white sand and a variety of restaurants and night clubs to choose from. Due to its captivating beauty, Karon have drawn more and more tourists. Hotels, inns are widely being spread across the place.

Short stay for a few days or weeks may not be suitable for those who fell in love with the place. Many locals and tourists are interested in getting a Karon beach property. This is the very reason that open the gates of residential development. World class innovations and designs are added to the island’s natural beauty to magnify the finest outdoor living. Explore the endless possibilities of living in a modern environment that is in located in your own paradise.


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