Wound Closure Becomes More Effective When Medical Practitioners Listen To Music

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Music for the surgeons

If you go to different operating rooms across the globe, you will find that surgeons usually listen to music as they operate their patients. Studies say that this technique enables the surgeon to relax and also reduce stress. However, up to now, there is no really concrete evidence to suggest that this would help them close the incisions effectively.

In a Journal, two researchers coming from the University of Texas invited 15 plastic surgeons and made them close incisions on the pig’s feet. Their research suggested that the surgeons were able to close the stitches faster and better while listening to their music. The researchers used the feet of pigs which they bought from a local food store because they are widely accepted as similar to the human skin.

Wounds closed faster

During the operation or wound repairs, the music was turned on then off. If it was turned on during the first one, it was turned on during the second one.
The researchers realized during the course of the study that the surgeons improved during the second repair simply because it was a result of repetition. This is the reason why they randomly assigned each operation with music and then no music.
When the results came out, the researchers found out that the average completion time of the surgery was 7 percent less when the music that they preferred was playing. On the other hand, for experienced surgeons, the experiment was 10 percent less.

The first author of the research commented that spending less time inside the operating room will translate into major cost reductions especially when incision closure is a big portion of the operating procedure like in a tummy tuck.


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