WMU Provides Business With Funding When Students Are Hired For Internship

One of the first steps that a new business in Michigan has to undertake is to understand the process of how to get a Tax ID in Michigan to identify the business. The Michigan State Tax ID will be required in the payment of taxes, whether the state income tax, employee withholding tax or sales tax on the products and services offered to the market.

For the last seven years, Western Michigan’s University Business Connection has continued to help Western Michigan’s small businesses by providing them with financial incentives to hire WMU students as interns for the summer of 2018. These students are enrolled in science, technology, engineering and mathematics courses.

The program that allows funding for businesses is Small Company Internship Award (SCIA). This year, the program will distribute $35,000 to create opportunities for 12 to 14 businesses that will hire interns at a rate of $12 per hour. In order to be considered for the program, the business must employ at least 250 employees and offer an experience in STEM fields to benefit both the business and the intern.

Companies where students are made to do tedious tasks as not considered. According to Lisa Garcia, director of WMU’s Business Connection, they are searching for companies that can provide a real experience to interns and who are active in hiring students after their internship is completed.

The funding which is provided through a grant from Michigan Economic Development Corporation will not only provide money for businesses; it will expose the company to student talents from WMU. It is common for businesses to hire the student after internship after they determine the potential for part-time or full-time capacity.

Since students have the tendency to share their experience with others, the program becomes a source of advertisement for the business. The internship program can generate exposure and more interest for the company.

Aside from the mandatory Federal Tax ID, businesses are required to obtain Michigan tax ID for the payment of their business taxes. There are online websites that teaches how to get a Tax ID in Michigan without undertaking complicated and tedious processes.


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