What Is The Price For Security Screens In Perth

Your property and loved ones need safety and protection. It’s for this reason why some homeowners invest in security screens in Perth for protection. Home security is badly needed; hence, you should know how much they cost when installed in homes. The price will have to vary in terms of materials used, the size, style, lock type and other features.

The Cost

Do careful research first before you start looking and installing security screens in Perth for your home. Before making up your mind, search for customized and effective solutions to protect your home. If you have the item installed by a professional, it can possibly cost more; however, their expertise will ensure the safety of your home.

Also ensure that you’re familiar with the functions and features of security screens before purchasing. In this way, you can tell what you need in terms of budget and quality. So, here’s how you should spend for security screens in Perth for your home.

  • Materials Used

The materials used for your security screen doors may affect the overall cost of the project. If you settle for more expensive screens, chances are it comes with higher quality and durability. However, you also need to check their specifications especially if they need to adhere to Australian standards. Choose products made of steel or aluminum for excellent results.

  • The Screen Size

The doors of any home can come in various shapes and sizes. This also means that the security screen door must be customized to perform optimally and look great. If you have a bigger door, you need more materials which will add up to the costs of your security screen door.

  • The Style of Your Door or Window

You will also need to consider the style or design of the security screens in Perth on your door and window. You may need some paints, finishes and other features that contribute to the total cost. Like for example, you may want to add some pet door or midrail, which you need to discuss with your provider.

  • Lock type

The security screen will also need various locks to ensure its efficiency. If you have this level of protection, you ensure your home is safe and you can open the doors and windows, so fresh air and sunlight can fill the room.


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