Using SEO To Compete With Large Businesses

Many businesses today make use of SEO in order to improve their page rankings in organic search engine results. There are many ways to address SEO like relevant content with the right keywords, title tags and meta tags descriptions or optimization of images on the site. The procedure of optimizing web presence is not as easy as it seems hence the need for professionals like Cloud Cartel to undertake the task.

However, there is no point in achieving first page rankings on search engines for keywords that are hardly used by consumers. Do not fall into the trap of using less relevant keywords just so that you will find the site in the first pages of the search engine results because it will not generate the expected returns for your investment. Make sure to track sales and the revenue generated from the SEO campaign and make an assessment according to the results.

For example, if the business is a dental practice or a small restaurant, standard SEO will not work because there is no sufficient volume that will generate ROI. In such situation, it is better use a localized SEO campaign that involves different techniques.

Large companies usually invest thousands of dollars on SEO. If your budget is only $1,000 per month for SEO, your chances of gaining high rankings against the strong competitor for strategically important keywords will likely be very low if not zero. The insurance and banking industry is dominated by big players that can afford $20,000 a month for SEO. To be able to compete against the big players, use the keywords that fly under their radar. However, this will require sophisticated and competitive research to determine successful keywords.

Old websites with low quality design needs to be updated before any SEO campaign is initiated. It is important to ensure that there are primary pages that will be able to support primary target keywords. SEO will have better chances to succeed through Cloud Cartel that will produce and market quality content, search the internet for link building opportunities and develop new tactics to improve the current state of organic search visibility.


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