UK Government Banning Gas Boilers In 2025

For homes to be constructed starting in 2025, gas boilers will no longer be allowed to be installed. This is based on a recent announcement by the UK government as they try to tackle climate change. Instead, low-carbon heating will power new homes. This will impact not just companies manufacturing gas boilers but also businesses providing effective heating Sheffield.

Chancellor Philip Hammons made the announcement regarding the new standards which requires not using heating systems that are powered by fossil fuel. He added that if the move is successful, consumers will be faced with lower fuel bills.

This was a happy news for the Max Wakefield who is currently the director of 10:10 Climate Action, a campaign group. He said that in order to answer the climate crisis, all homes and establishments should be converted with zero carbon emission, affordable and efficient within twenty years from now. It is essential that the issue of new homes with poor quality should be left behind.

Mr. Hammond said that the government is also a taking a stand on climate change through a number of environmental schemes such as protection of all bodies of water found in Ascension Island which is located in Atlantic. This area will be banned from fishing activities.

Aside from the gas boiler announcement, it is also the order of the government to observe biodiversity net gain for projects in England. This will guarantee that no wildlife will be harmed in the construction of new homes and infrastructures.

Mr. Hammond also tackled another issue which concerns travel providers and whether they should present their customers with proof of their carbon offsets. This is to appease customers who wanted to make sure they are travelling but leaving less pollution in the environment.

The Conservatives are doing all these to prove to the younger generation that they are sincere in their efforts to stop global warming. At the end of the day, companies of effective heating Sheffield will also benefit from these schemes as it impacts not just one country in the world but every living things within the planet.


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