Tourists Spending In Saigon Increases As They Stay Longer

According to survey, international tourists who spend their time in the commercial hub of Vietnam in 2017 were able to spend an average of $145 per day. This comes as no surprise as they want to experience everything from spa in Saigon to the best local restaurants and night markets.

Authorities from Ho Chi Minh City said that they are increasing the efforts they are making in order to encourage tourists to stay longer in the top metropolis in Vietnam. This is after they have found out that they are able to earn higher revenue from tourism this way.

The new shift in focus was prompted after an increase in the number of tourists that are arriving in the city. Last year, the city recorded 6.36 million international arrivals which are higher by 22.8 per cent compared to the previous year. Further good news for the tourism industry is the fact that these tourists are staying longer in the city as well as spending more cash.

According to a survey conducted at the middle of 2018 with regards to the tourism market, foreign tourists are spending around $145 for each day they are in the city in 2017 which is also the same amount as the spending of tourists in Thailand in 2016. The number is still lower than that of Singapore which is at $254 and Beijing at $242 as well as Taipei at $208. The survey was conducted by the Statistics Bureau and the tourism department of Saigon in partnership with Asia Pacific Destinations Index 2017 and MasterCard.

Domestic tourists in Vietnam, on the other hand, spend an average of $69.4 each day. The same survey revealed that the city is offering more the tourists thus they are staying longer – an average of 5.21 days while locals stay for 3.6 days on average. There are many things to do in the metropolis but spending mostly went to hotels, spa in Saigon, food and shopping.


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