Tips When Installing An Eye-Catching Kitchen Island

During a kitchen remodelling project, one of the best decisions made by a homeowner is the addition of a kitchen island that offers more storage space, work surface and comfortable seating. However, like other aspects of kitchen design, it is important to plan with extra care. Homeowners can opt for grey stone tiles so that the kitchen island can make a dramatic statement.

Interior designer Abbe Fenimore says that careful planning is very important when installing a kitchen island because of its size and central position. Homeowners certainly do not want to replace the item in just a few years. It is suggested to work with a professional designer or online resources that can draw up the floor plan.

The kitchen island requires about 3 feet of space around it so that the kitchen will not be crowded. It should not be installed too close to perimeter countertops. If there will be seats, there must be plenty of depth to accommodate people’s legs when they sit. If there are two levels, people can sit on chairs instead of bar stools.

A one-level kitchen island has cleaner lines but with two levels there is more room for cooking preparations and storage. Deep pull-out drawers can be used for pots and pans. Drawers can also be designed to hold containers or spices and small appliances. However, the drawers can also be used for non-kitchen essentials like children’s art supplies or school projects.

The kitchen island can match seamlessly with the countertop surfaces and cabinetry although it can also be a little different and standout as a gorgeous piece of furniture that coordinates well with the rest of the room. White kitchen islands are popular but natural stone surfaces are more creative. There is a variety of choices from grey stone tiles to quartzite or marble.

The use of grey stone tiles can be the perfect solution for whatever remodelling project you are considering for the home. Tiles can be used for both outdoor and indoor applications as a decorative feature. Tiles are crafted from finest materials all over the world so that they are guaranteed to stand the test of time.


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