Tips To Enjoy The Nightlife Of Rayong

Rayong is a popular city for enjoying a beach vacation in Thailand. The city is farthest beach destination from Bangkok and does not attract much of the tourist crowds. It is popular destination for the locals, who wish to have weekend fun on the beach.

The local families and students visit Rayong to enjoy the secluded beaches and savour the delicious sea food of the region. The city does not have the nest night life when compared to Bangkok and other tourist destinations in Thailand. However, there are some interesting options for the tourists to enjoy the nightlife. Tourists can visit the upscale rooftop bar in Rayong or go to the affordable pubs of ban Phe to socialize with the locals.

Yomjinda road is the best walking street in Rayong. It is the best place to enjoy the local street food and shop for the handicrafts and other souvenirs. The street transforms into a pulsating night market as the sun sets. It is lined with artists performing dance and music shows and puppet shows. Yomjinda Street is the best place to view the historic architecture and enjoy the local night life. For tourists looking for an upscale experience, the rooftop bar in Rayong located on the top floor of an international hotel is the best place to be. The rooftop bar attracts chic locals and tourists and is the best place to socialize.

Koh Samet is an island popular for its thriving nightlife. The island has a lot of go-go bars, night clubs playing live music and DJs, karaoke bars and pubs. It is the best place to enjoy the dark hours of the day. For tourists, who are on a family vacation, but still wish to explore the nightlife of the city, the rooftop bar in Rayong is the best option. They can stay at the kid friendly hotel in the city and visit the rooftop bar and grill of the hotel to unwind after a hectic day. The bar and grill serves amazing seafood in buffet and ala carte. The rooftop grill and bar is the best place to enjoy the mouth-watering sea food along with taking in the beauty of stunning city skyline and unrestricted views of the beach.


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