Tips To Choose a Hotel In Bangkok

Bangkok is also known as the city of angels. The beautiful city is the financial capital of Thailand and a famous tourist destination. There are many hotels and resorts in the city to provide accommodation to the scores of visitors, who visit Bangkok throughout the year. Bangkok is a big city and choosing a hotel is a difficult task for the first time visitors. Here are some tips to help you choose the right hotel to suit your preferences and budget.

Choose a location

It is important to choose a right location to stay in Bangkok. Choose the location depending on your itinerary. Sukhumvit is the most preferred location for tourists and business travellers. Sukhumvit is the central business district in Bangkok and is well connected to the different parts of the city through mass transit system. Choose a hotel in Sukhumvit, which is close to the BTs and MRT stations. For example, Solitaire hotel in Sukhumvit is close to the Nana BTS station, staying here will make it easy to commute to the other parts of the city to visit the various tourist attractions of Bangkok.

Amenities provided at the hotel

Before choosing a hotel, it is important to make a list of the amenities you require at the hotel. Visit the websites of different hotels in your preferred location and note the amenities provided by these hotels. Shortlist a few hotels that have your preferred amenities and book the hotel available at the best price.


The price of the room is another factor to consider while booking accommodation in Bangkok. The price of the hotels depends on various factors like its location, amenities offered, reputation of the hotel and the tourist season in Bangkok. The rates of hotels tend to be higher during the peak tourist season that is from December to March. The price of the hotel also depends on its location. Most of the five and seven star hotels, which are located by the river are very expensive. Choose 4 star hotels in Sukhumvit, like the Solitaire hotel, which offer value for the price. The family friendly hotel offers world class amenities and is priced reasonably. Moreover the hotel is located close to the BTS station, which makes it convenient to travel to different parts of the city.


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