The Cultural Meaning Of Aquaman’s Tattoos

It is very likely for some actors to use tattoo cover up makeup if the movie does not require body art. However, in the film Aquaman, Jason Momoa flaunts his flowing locks and body art that matches with his superhero role. According to the actor, the tattoos of Aquaman have cultural meaning and have a lot more to them than meets the eyes.

Aquaman is a story about Arthur Curry and how he became the King of Atlantis. He has a symbolic pattern of tattoos which is the same as the triangular body art in real life. The Hawaiian-born actor told a 2013 Q&A session in New Zealand that the tattoo on his forearm represents his family crest and their “aumakua” or family’s spirit guardian. The tattoo is supposed to remove darkness out of the heart and bring in the light.

Momoa’s forearm tattoo is an underwater protection because it indicates to sharks that he is one of their kind and should not bother him. In the early part of the movie, young Arthur commanded the attention of the sharks and other fish inside a giant aquarium. The scene is made more meaningful by Momoa’s real tattoo that is supposed to spiritually communicate with sharks.

Arthur Curry has a lot more tattoos than Momoa and the designs have not been chosen arbitrarily. In the Polynesian culture, tattoos are symbols of water gods. If you will look closely at some of Aquaman’s tattoos, you will notice that the patterns resemble some of the traditional Polynesian tattoos.

On Aquaman’s upper arms, there is a tattoo that looks like spearheads and signifies armour. They also represent the sting of some animals like the stingray. Some of the tattoos that are designed on Aquaman’s torso can be distracting but they are culturally significant and make the character more authentic.

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