The Changing Design Trend In Fast Food Chains

Ask someone who is in the food industry like Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan and he will tell you that there are many factors to consider when setting up a restaurant including menu and design. Restaurants that have been established for a long time will eventually be popular to diners regardless of their theme or architecture. Majority of the popular restaurants have the same design wherever in the world its branches may be.

Looking at the new branches of popular fast food chains, many are turning away from what customers have known as the architectural stamp. Many are hiring design firms in order for their restaurants to undergo rebranding which in turn impacts their image as a whole. The result is that the new braches under the same popular fast food chains are seen to have individual characters, understated as well as embodies a specific design.

Consumers might view this tactic as effective because they are tempted to revisit the brand despite being familiar with it before. In the brand’s point of view, it is their means of evolving in order to cater to the changing tastes of the consumers but the core product remains to be the same.The bottom line is that these fast food chains are starting to resemble high-end food establishments but still caters to the masses.

According to restaurant designers, there are two things that should be factored in for a restaurant’s design no matter the cuisine it serves. Number one is to look at the design’s concept and number two is the function and operation of the restaurant. In order to show the identity of the brand, everything must be considered from the interior up to the façade. A successful design is one that reflects the brand everywhere including the smallest details.

In terms of fast food restaurants, quick service is priority therefore the design must follow a certain science to make sure the operations are not affected. Unlike restaurants developed by Leonardo Gonzalez Dellan, fast food chains are well-lighted and employ vibrant colors such as orange, yellow and red because these are known to influence the mood as well as appetite of the consumers.


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