Singapore Top Country Preferred By Expats

According to an international survey that was conducted by HSBC, many of the countries favored by expats are in Asia. Out of the 31 countries on the list, 10 of them are from the Asia region. The annual survey was answered by thousands of expats in different adopted nations. The ranking was then based on a number of factors including education opportunities, economy and lifestyle. Singapore is still the number one country for expats according to this year’s report. Education is already a hot topic because of the number of agencies providing home tuition Singapore and the same opportunities are presented to children of expats in the Asian country.

Almost half of the participants said that they decided to move to Singapore because they want to develop their career. The salary is the main motivation for many because the average salary of an expat in Singapore is $162,000. This figure is $56,000 higher compared to the global average.

Trailing behind Singapore are the countries New Zealand and Germany. The fourth and fifth spots are taken by Canada and Bahrain. Looking at the entire list, the countries that are in Asia, North America, Middle East and Europe took the high ranks while the remaining regions have only a few countries included in the list.

On the other end of the spectrum, countries and South Africa as well as South America are not the top picks of most expats. South Africa was top 29 while Brazil was included in the 31st place. The list shows that United States is only 23rd and three stops below it is Saudi Arabia. Looking at the economy, United States got 13th place with expats with the reason that they are able to earn more money in the US compared to if they work in their home nation.

The reason why the overall ranking of US dropped down is safety and long work hours. While Singapore took the top spot, the country is not very popular when it comes to expats looking for balance between work and daily life. Even the students there have home tuition Singapore aside from regular school hours which goes to show how much the nation favors work and progress.


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