Shopping Tips While Booked In Hotel Near Night Market In Ratchada

Bangkok is known for several things. Aside from its breath taking, ancient temples, one of the things that comes to mind when one mentions Bangkok is night market.  As a matter of fact, it is one of the top reasons why tourists book in a hotel near night market in Ratchada; they want to be closer to where they want to go at night. Night market is a unique shopping experience found only in Thailand. What makes it even more interesting is the affordability of the goods. However, for tourists, shopping in a foreign land can be challenging. To make it to shopping markets without being ripped off, take a look at these tips.

Get a currency calculator

First, know the value of your money in terms of baht. You might want to download a currency calculator to get an idea if you are paying fairly for an item or if you are getting an overpriced commodity. You might also want to observe how much the locals are paying for the product that you intend to buy. If the vendor is offering the item to you at a higher price, consider looking for another seller.


The good thing about shopping at night markets is you can haggle for the items found therein compared to buying from huge shopping malls. The items at night markets are also offered at higher price as sellers anticipate that buyers would ask for discount. So always ask for discounts as the items are offered to be bargained.

Be friendly

To get items at a lower price and for you to have more products to take back to the hotel near night market in Ratchada, be friendly and constantly smile to the sellers.

Shop the right way

Even if you are booked in a hotel near night market in Ratchada and you can easily go back to your room for resting, it would still be best if you would wear light clothing because the place can be packed with so many shoppers and there can be no enough ventilation or fresh air in some stalls. It would also pay if you will have drinking water with you.


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