Pros And Cons Of Event Marquee Hire On The Gold Coast Weddings

Today, more couples would want to hold their wedding ceremonies outside of the customary places and opt for farms, beaches, and other private properties for a more exciting and spacious celebration. Because of this, the demand for marquee business has blossomed.

There has been rising popularity in the recent years of event marquee hire on the Gold Coast weddings that are appealing to couples who want to have an exceptional wedding experience. Although it requires more work, the benefits it gives to the couple and the guests far outweigh it.

  1. Cost – It is more costly to have a marquee wedding compared to the traditional venue because everything you need from the floor, ceiling, and even to the tableware and cutlery need to be purchased. However, you can still do a budget for it without having many sacrifices.
  2. Weather – Bad weather condition can be an obstacle to a marquee wedding due to the fact that everything about the wedding is essentially done outside. On the other hand, it can also be the best thing about marquee wedding because you will do your activities outside and enjoy the beauty of the sceneries. Even though marquees are durable being waterproof and wind-proof, it is still not an ideal option if the weather is gloomy. It is essential to have an alternative plan in case the weather doesn’t cooperate. To ensure the convenience of everybody, hiring a larger marquee would be a wise option to give ample space for all the guests to mingle among themselves.
  3. Reputable vendors – A marquee wedding requires reliable vendors who are honest in all their dealings as well as flexible to handle last minute modifications. A marquee wedding will require more suppliers than a regular venue does. It is important to get some referrals from trusted friends and family members.
  4. Creativity – A marquee wedding allows you to design your space on your own. You can also hire the services of designers for a unique theme that suits your requirements and best portrays your personalities.

The advantages and disadvantages of marquee hire will guide you towards choosing the best option to make on your wedding event.





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