Phuket Earning A Ton From Cruise Ships

For people who are planning to go cruising on their next vacation might have a Phuket yacht charter in mind. This is not surprising as the tourism industry in the area continues to boom. Recently, Phuket welcomed into their island two different cruise ships that departed from Singapore. On board are about 8,000 passengers and they docked at Patong. With this, the island was able to earn approximately 31 million baht on each day.

The tourists were welcomed by Sanit Sriwihok who is the vice governor of Phuket, representatives from the Phuket Office of the Tourism Authority of Thailand along with marine officers of the island. The two cruise ships are Mariner of the Seas and Ovation of the Seas and both of them are under Royal Caribbean International.

It was early morning when the cruise ships anchored into the shores of Phuket and it was already 9 in the evening when they left. The beach on the island was crowded that day because of the tourists coming down from the ship. The local vendors were able to earn a lot from the influx of tourists along with the happy taxi services that are based in Patong.

According to Vice Governor Sanit, Phuket was able to benefit greatly from the arrival of the two cruise ships. During the initial calculation of the office, every passenger was able to spend about 4,000 baht which means the total revenue would be approximately 31.2 million in baht.

The vice governor along with other officials got an invitation to go onboard for a tour of the cruise ships. They were able to see exceptional amenities such as water parks, swimming pools, basketball courts among many others. They were also able to witness a variety of activities on board including the dining services, SeaPlexM, FlowRider Surf Simulator and a skydiving experience through the Ripcord by iFly.

Just like a guest of the Phuket yacht charter, they were also able to visit the control room and talk with the onboard crew. Vice Governor said that majority of the tourists are Singaporeans and foreign nationals.


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