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Why Is Bulgaria A Miserable Nation?

Is there such a thing as an unhappy country? Yes there is. In a new released survey, it was found out that Bulgaria is the most unhappy country in the European Union. Bulgaria was a former communist country that joined the European Union in 2007 but it seems that the people are not satisfied. Bulgarians averaged 4.8 in a happiness scale of 0 to 10. The next most miserable country was Portugal that gained an average of 6.2. Scandinavia is the happiest country with an average score of 8/10. The survey was published to coincide with the International Day of Happiness.

Why is Bulgaria unhappy?

Bulgaria has the lowest GDP in the EU. Its unemployment rate is 10.8% which is above the 9.8% average. In 2013, Bulgaria has the lowest average annual wage rate at 1,949 Euros. The country experienced rapid growth between 2004 and 2008 but it was hit by the global economic crisis. However, according to an expert, Bulgaria’s misery is more nuanced than lack of money. Bulgaria was not happy joining the European Union and they considered it as a necessary evil. Their expectations were too high and they thought the Europe Union was the answer to their problem. The underlying nature of Bulgarians as people and as a society is not to trust anyone. In the last few years, there were lots of activism and protest movements.

According to a Bulgarian, Elena Georgieva, it is not surprising for Bulgaria to be unhappy. Since the fall of the communist regime, many Bulgarians are living in poverty and it has taken its toll. Bulgarians want a simple life and they are not interested in having lots of money or travel to exotic places. People are constantly worried about the jobs and whether there will be enough to buy food and pay bills.

A significant factor that is considered is that happiness is not a state of being but a process. People who are not evolving will not be happy. You have to move forward so that obstacles can be overcome. Happiness is also a feeling of belonging. If you know that you are part of a community and are appreciated, you will be happy.


How Man Boobs Consumed 10,000 Takeaways For Over 20 Years

Mark suffered emotionally because his weight made him the target of bad jokes. He was bullied and this made his life miserable. Mark works for a coach company and he is definitely ashamed of what he was like being a fat massive person. Whenever Mark looks in the mirror he asks himself “What on earth have I done to my life?”

Mark does not eat during the day but at night, it was all about convenience food. He would call McDonalds after work and top the convenience food with hot pastries and sausage rolls from bakeries. For Mark this was his eating pattern since he was 10 years old until he reached 32. That was when he really got so big because he was eating about 500 takeaways in a year. Eating all the food at night gave Mark indigestion and made him feel ill. He knew it was awful but still he would do it every night.

The bullying got worse than before and young girls would call Mark as Man Boobs. Mark felt miserable and the bullying certainly hurt. Since Mark is a bus driver, he felt that he had to get his food quickly and be on the go so that he would go to the drive-through quite often. The food packages were kept because he did not want anyone to know his food binge.

However, Mark was able to overcome this challenge through the help of his mother and the Slimming World’s diet plan. Living with his mom helped Mark shed weight because she tracked Mark’s diet and was quite strict about sneaking food. Mark’s mom prepared fresh food and it was nowhere near the amount of the takeaways.

Mark now hopes that he can help other people by sharing his experience. Mark has been awarded with Slimming World’s Hall of Fame as the “Slimmer of the Month” because he has won the battle against his weight. Mark knows that so many people are facing the challenge of obesity. If Mark did not get support from his mom and Slimming World he would continue to sneak food and eat overwhelming amounts of takeouts that he would later be ashamed of.


Unraveling The Wrong Assumptions About Addiction

Most people envision a drug addict as dirty, disheveled and homeless; however, the best rehab centers have treated respectable fathers and employees who take a hit before they report to work. Most of the people who are struggling from substance abuse are functioning professionals who do not seek help because they don’t believe that they are addicts.

According to Paul Pellinger, the chief strategy officer of Recovery Unplugged, one of the reasons why people rationalize not getting help is the belief that they are not hooked to the habit. Addicts that live on the streets compose about 3% to 5% of the total number of people who are suffering from substance abuse all over the world. The stereotype on how a drug addict looks like is one of the addiction myths that Recovery Unplugged wants to correct.

Pellinger says that addiction is a degenerative disease that has three states: early, middle and late. Someone with late stage addiction may fit the stereotype but those in the early and middle stages can still function while dealing with the condition. These people assume that because they function, they do not need help with their addiction. They have not yet experienced the consequences of a later stage.

Many people rationalize their addiction and try to justify their behavior by saying “it’s only pot” or “I don’t take prescription pills every day.” These people must be educated on the early stages of addiction because there is still a chance for full recovery.

Addiction does not depend on how little or how much you use and how often you use. What matters is the consequence of use. For example, an individual smokes marijuana daily to be able to work and socialize but he becomes emotionally immature, moody and lacks motivation. This person must be convinced to look at how marijuana is affecting his life.

Many professionals want to maintain their anonymity and privacy when undergoing rehabilitation. These requirements are successfully provided by best rehab centers where treatment is provided in a comfortable, private and luxurious environment. Care for serious addiction is undertaken in a spacious area that has a magnificent view of the waters.


Tree Lopping Fraud Targeted Couple In Willetton

The couple Calene and Wilf Snook learned the hard way when they were scammed by two men who posed as tree loppers. They have chainsaws with them and promise to cut a tree that is inside the couple’s backyard. A legal tree lopper Perth company advised that homeowners should be wary of fraud as this is a common scheme nowadays.

The couple has been planning for a long time to remove the huge pepper tree inside their property. It so happens that a few days before the green waste pick up in the City of Cannings, two men came to their home and offered to cut the tree. They thought it was a chance for them to follow through with their plan.

The men introduced themselves as tree loppers and offered an initial fee of $200 to remove the dead branch from the tree.

They charged an additional $400 because they claimed that the tree is already infested with white ants. Mr. Snook then decided to lop the tree to as high as their fence.

According to him, the first day they worked, the men left their chainsaw as well as a harness but they brought with them one of Mr. Snooks battery chargers. Their patio area needs cleaning up because of the oil they have splattered.

They came back for the second and third day but after which the two men never reappeared again. Mr. Snook would never hire the men in any other circumstances but due to his latest operation he is unable to perform hard tasks.

He was disappointed that they only managed to cut branches from the trees but they never actually did what was promised since the couple has already paid them.

Mr. Snook wanted to give a warning to other homeowners to not trust people knocking on their doors posing as tree lopping companies.

Mrs. Snook said that there should be a written quote before the job commenced and payment should only be given after it has been completed. The couple now serves as a lesson to everyone to only hire professional tree lopper Perth and to ask for their permits before hiring.


Conservative Same-Sex Marriage Protestors On A Spray Paint Riot In Sydney

Australia is finally at the stage where its general populace will need to vote either in favour or against same-sex marriage. But as with every major change we see in humanity there will be resistance. In Sydney there still exist vestiges of conservatives who believe in the opposition of same-sex relationships and same-sex marriages. And the way they express their feelings? Vandalism. This has been captured excellently by a Sydney woman, Steph Sands. She took to Facebook to report nine pictures on Monday morning, following these acts of vandalism. The common recurrence in all her photos was the word “NO”, which has been used to oppose same-sex marriages. It is in cases like these, that we urge you to utilise the help of exterior painters in Sydney to remove these blasphemous remarks from the walls of your home.

The variety of locations on which these vandals have spray-painted the word “NO” may come as a shocker to most people. It can be found on walls of homes, murals, letterboxes, and even on the backs of some cars. Sydney residents need not all be shocked however, as this was an isolated incident that took place primarily in Sydney’s suburb or Stanmore. After the initial collection of pictures by Steph, more people from Stanmore took to social media to reprimand the vandals. Users posted pictures of vandals having spray painted their cars, their fences and on post boxes. However gruesome these works of vandalism may be, the walls and fences can still be saved by appointing exterior painters in Sydney to clean up the damage and repaint the necessary walls and fences.

However, this is not the only incident of criticism against same-sex marriage. Earlier in the week, a woman from Australia’s city of Brisbane noted swastikas being spray-painted on her rainbow flag decorations. For the uninitiated, rainbow flags are a sign of advocacy for same-sex marriages. Painting swastikas on rainbow flags therefore indicates an opposition to this change. With every great change in the lifestyle of humans, there will be resistance. Just as how Copernicus faced resistance when he stated that the Earth was not flat, Australia faces opposition to same-sex marriages. However, with the number of rallies for “YES” votes in the area, it will mostly be a positive change for the future.


Painting Cars Pink To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

The month of October is known as the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The aim of the annual health campaign, organized by big charities that tackle breast cancer, is to raise the awareness of the general public when it comes to the disease. It is also the best way to raise funds that will be utilized for researches that will help find the cause of the disease, what could be done to prevent it, how to diagnose it, find treatment as well as cure for this fatal illness. The campaign also aims to provide information as well as support to those individuals who are suffering from breast cancer.

Majority of the people who support the campaign during the month of October will be wearing Pinktober ribbon pins on their chest area or organize events to raise awareness such as walks, fun run, morning tea and more. There are people in other countries such as Australia that opted for car signage in Sydney as a way of campaigning against the disease. This is what Roy Singh did when he decided to take the initiative to join the month-long campaign.

Roy Singh is currently Hot Springs Hire Services Limited’s operations manager and he decided to paint various parts of his Ford XR6 Turbo with the color pink using signage stickers that help in raising awareness with regards to breast cancer.

His inspiration came from huge corporate organizations and he thought that he should do something as an individual to help raising awareness. He fully acknowledges that there are many people out there that are in need of support when it comes to battling the disease. He finds the act to be a small one but nonetheless it will encourage a lot of people in various ways.

Mr. Singh said that the car signage was his way of encouraging individuals to have themselves tested for breast cancer in order to detect the disease sooner than later. He shared that he decided on the idea after a discussion with his wife. This is the same concept used by car signage in Sydney in order to raise awareness, post one’s brand or to advertise certain things.


Simple Tips When Ordering Healthy Japanese Dishes

If you are craving for authentic sushi or ramen in Thailand, you must visit the best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok where each dish is meticulously prepared to capture authentic Japanese flavours. Japanese cuisine will provide you with the opportunity to taste fresh fish, vegetables and heart-smart fats. There are lots of choices even for those with dietary issues.

If you are not very familiar with Japanese cuisine, there are suggestions for both taste and nutrition. Sushi is one of the most famous of all Japanese food but do you know that there is variation in the ingredients used? You have a choice from diced fish, cucumber, tomato, asparagus, avocado, masago and ponzu sauce. If you prefer raw fish without rice, your best option is sashimi, fresh fish that has been sliced thinly and served with a miniscule amount of soy sauce and wasabi.

If you have no dietary restrictions, do not miss tempura which is made from battered and deep-friend seafood and vegetables. The batter has been made as light as possible with a dipping sauce called tentsuyu. The ingredients can be shrimp or squid with vegetables eggplant or bell pepper. However, if you are rather wary over deep-fried foods, you can order steamed broccoli, steamed spinach or thinly sliced cucumbers with rice vinegar. Frequently, Japanese restaurants will accommodate your no-fried-food request.

For those who are health conscious, a better option to the seaweed salad is bean sprout salad or steamed vegetables. You can request for sauce on the side to control your sodium intake. Instead of sake that is made from fermented rice, you can indulge yourself in green tea that is loaded with anti-oxidants. Calorie-free green tea is the perfect match to a sushi dish. However, it will be difficult to resist a taste of sake, the ancient drink of Japan.

Exceptionally fresh salmon, tuna, squid and other types of seafood are served at best Japanese restaurant in Bangkok for your gustatory delight. The restaurant’s mission is to capture the unique flavours and authentic style of Japanese cooking. Meticulously prepared Japanese dishes are complemented by the interior décor that reminds you of Japanese culture.


Sukhumvit To Welcome Akaryn Hotel Group

Sukhumvit, Bangkok is home to luxury hotels and properties in the real estate market. There are various properties available for people who wish to have their own single house in Sukhumvit or even a condominium unit. The entire Kingdom is also home to various developers and companies that are venturing into the real estate market. Recently, Akaryn Hotel Group which is known to be a pioneer in hospitality market in Thailand and manages diverse types of luxury establishments has announced that they are expanding. This time they are going to branch out with Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok which is going to open in December of this year.

The luxury boutique hotel’s exact address is at Sukhumvit Soi 20 which is the heart of the tourism in Bangkok. It is a popular neighborhood because of its lively ambiance, busy nightlife as well as its fine restaurants. There are also upscale malls in the area, green recreation facilities and quality, luxurious spa.

The Akyra Sukhumvit Bangkok is going to have 50 rooms. Each accommodation will be between 30 and 60 square meters. Guests will have a beautiful view of the cityscape. There will also be unites that comes with glass doors that spans from floor to ceiling which can be opened in order to access the balcony. The designers complemented the simple beauty of the natural woods with displays that are a mix between retro and modern. The design will be applied in every artwork and furnishing inside the hotel.

This is the fourth of the sister properties that are flying with the flagship of Akyra. The management is banking on the fact that they can offer a complete experience to the guests through the services and facilities in the hotel alongside with attractions outside of the establishment.

The hotel also boasts of a rooftop space with a pool bar that will serve light bites along with crafted cocktails. Surrounding the rooftop pool are cabanas and sun loungers so that guests will be able to enjoy the water as well the surrounding architecture that Bangkok has to offer. People who are wishing to experience the complete experience should consider purchasing a single house in Sukhumvit in order to be in the middle of the upscale district in the Kingdom’s metropolitan city.


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