Orchard Installs Electric Fence To Deter Apple-Stealing Bears

In Australia, electric fence wire is generally used to keep animals inside an enclosure.  The electric fence for horses allows the animals to run around and be healthy and strong. The horses are given the opportunity to perform their natural behaviour at the same time that they are being protected from attacks by wild animals. At some point during their captivity, it is very likely that the horses have experienced an unpleasant shock and remembered to avoid the electric fence.

An electric jolt from an electric fence is better than shooting apple-stealing bears with a gun. At Noble Orchards on Pentz Road Paradise, an 8-foot tall electric fence was installed to prevent bears from eating the crop and damaging trees. Last year, Noble Orchards suffered damages that amounted to $2.3 million in lost production and replacement costs due to 832 trees that were destroyed and damaged.

The orchard got the idea of constructing an electric fence from the Defenders of Wildlife, Natural Resources Defense Council and USDA Wildlife Services. Defenders of Wildlife has a program wherein electric fences are provided with some of the costs reimbursed. According to the organization, the program was 98% effective.

On the other hand, the fire that has been burning in Yolo and Napa counties for two weeks was caused by an improperly installed electric fence for livestock. Fire officials shared that the ignition source of the County fire that destroyed Capay Valley and Lake Berryessa areas was a spark from an electric fence.

Anthony Edward Darosahas not been formally charged with anything but he was issued a misdemeanour for burning the property of another person. Fire officials have warned people working or living in fire prone areas that a wild fire can easily be ignited by a hot muffler left on dry grass, a loose chain on a towed trailer, an ember from a campfire or an arcing power line.

The best solution to keep animals and intruders away from the livestock and crops is electric fence wire with energizers that can generate 10,000V. There are 3 kinds of energizers to choose from: mains electric powered energizer, 12V DC battery powered energizer and solar powered energizer.


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